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“Meet the Bride and Groom!”

Rob and Maggie The happy couple… Today’s post focuses on the site of the wedding.  This could be a church or other [...]

The perks of wedding cupcakes

Ever since I had my first red velvet cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road some 10 years ago, I have been [...]

Finding the perfect hairstylist for your wedding

Like most of us, you’ve probably had the hairstylist from hell. Whether she lacked focus and talked to her salon [...]

Wedding flowers: budget blooms

Other than the blooming bride, flowers are essential blooms at every wedding. But what if you’re on a tight budget? Just [...]

What you need for a sensational autumn wedding

While your current thoughts may centre on days at the beach, it’ll be autumn once again in just a few short months. [...]

Why not have a destination wedding?

Destination weddings have been popular for many years. And not just amongst the rich and famous! Of course Cheryl Cole [...]

“Wedding Dress Alterations”

    Above Photo: Patty Cloherty The picture above of my maid of honor and one of my beautiful bridesmaids [...]

“Wedding Mystery”

Introducing my new mystery, available on e-book format from amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks.  It’s a [...]

“Flower Girl???”

F ifty-one years ago, I was tapped to be the flower girl at my aunt’s wedding.  My mother was SO excited!  What [...]

Mission — Wedding Dress Part II

Kleinfelds, Part II The  picture above is of my four daughters, from left to right, Tess, KK, Maggie, ( the bride THIS [...]

“Mission — Wedding Dress…”

  Kleinfelds Part I KLEINFELDS!!  To the uninitiated, the TLC reality series, “Say Yes to the Dress” is [...]

Beauty Must haves for Spring Weddings

It’s that time again to get your makeup bag and beauty cupboard ready for all those fab summer weddings. Heres just a [...]