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Add a touch of vintage to your wedding invitations

Let’s face it. A wedding starts with the invitations. I love opening up that envelope since it gives me an idea of how [...]

How to choose a wedding planner

You’ve just become engaged and wedded bliss is beckoning, but then panic sets in when you realise how much there [...]

When will the wedding speeches be?

Weddings today don’t have to strictly follow a certain plan. Speeches, however expected, add to the sense of occasion, [...]

My “Personal Shopper” Experience – Mother of the Bride Dress

    I was dreading seeing the beauty professional before my “Personal Shopping”experience. I [...]

Wedding garters for starters

Are you planning on tossing the garter at your wedding? To be honest I have never been to a wedding where this tradition [...]

Choosing the shoes to suit the season: Autumn

More and more of my friends are deciding to get married outside the traditional wedding season, citing cooler [...]

Bridal sample sales: everything you need to know

I personally love it when retailers discard excess merchandise at discounted rates at sample sales. If you’re bold, [...]

Formula for the perfect best man’s speech

Although I am a big fan of a good wedding speech, when it came to writing my own as a best man, I realised that it was [...]

The tablecloth: bringing it together

Many brides stress about ceremony details, but I’ve been to enough weddings to be able to tell you that the real [...]

Wedding makeup: read my lips or look into my eyes?

As a general makeup rule, you should emphasise either your eyes or your lips, but not both. I liken it to the basi[...]

“Mother of the Bride Dress”

Yes…I know…the hair…This is a picture of me with the Bride, age 9 months.  Hard to believe this little baby is now [...]

“Something Old…”

We all know the old saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  I think [...]