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Would you insure your wedding?

My sister Jill was surprised when I suggested to her that she and her fiancé Alan should consider getting wedding [...]

“The Prepared Bride…Be Ready For Any Emergency…”

So when the big day FINALLY arrives, you want to be prepared for any minor problem, OR, Heaven forbid…major disaster. I [...]

Grooms, it’s time to suit up!

Men, it’s not every day you get to be the groom and marry the woman of your dreams. If there is one day in your life [...]

White gold wedding ring fever

Like the rest of the world, trends in the wedding universe are cyclical. Although the yellow gold wedding rings worn by [...]

Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Begin the journey of your dreams coming true for your special day, by starting with the most important thing your [...]

“American Bachelorette Party Part II”

  Bachelorette Party Part II!  Above is the picture of the older girls at a Boston club later in the evening.[...]

Thailand Wedding Venues

Well I have to say that for Thailand wedding venues, you are spoilt for choice when it come to a wedding venue. Many [...]

Oil away: how to stop the shining

Oily skin is a problem I’ve learned to live with,though my skin gradually got better with age, the oily T-Zone [...]

Eye-catching winter wedding centrepieces

I’m not sure if it’s the perfect contrast between the outside cold and the inner warmth, the white snow and the [...]

American Bachelorette Party in Boston!

      So this is what the inside of the Blue Invitation looked like.  The bridal party and friends spent [...]

The best father-of-the-bride speeches

The father-of-the-bride speech is always a part that I look forward to at a wedding. There’s something really special [...]

Si mio amore – your wedding in Italy

If you are looking for somewhere romantic with delicious culinary traditions and rich historic settings, there’s no need [...]