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Wedding gloves: on or off?

Bridal gloves date back to the 18th century when ladies of better means wore them not only to weddings, but also as an [...]

Wedding venues in Surrey

How do you fancy celebrating your weddings at the races? Sounds fun? Well you can do just that at the Epsom Downs [...]

Bride on a budget

Every bride dreams of walking down the aisle wearing that perfect wedding dress. Usually, though, that dream comes with [...]

30 Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Mmm! The title alone could and is making me drool slightly! A really quick post to show the most beautiful and inspired [...]

Making the most of your guest book

Guest books are a must at wedding receptions. These volumes provide a space for the couple’s friends and family to jot [...]

I dream of Indian wedding makeup

Elaborate jewellery, colourful dresses and vibrant dances. Indian weddings, just like a Bollywood fantasy, are certainly [...]

Save the Date…Magnet, Postcard, Formal Card or Email?

etsy.com The “Save the Date” card is now de rigor for the wedding ensemble.  And when you think about it, it [...]

Bridal Beauty- Top 20 Dos and Don’ts

We all succumb to the stresses of wedding planning, which may lead to certain aspects being overlooked or left to the [...]

Fit to Wed for your wedding day

Health and fitness advice goes through just as many styles as fashion and food trends.  To try and stay up to date with [...]

One size fits all….Not in the wedding world

One Size Fits All is as generic a phrase as you can get, but in no industry has it less relevance than in Bridal.  A [...]

Interviews now open for the wedding position of chief bridesmaid

‘Interviews now taking place for the position of Chief Bridesmaid. Applications happily accepted from bad [...]

Brides, its all about foundation for your wedding!

A wise woman once told me, ‘It’s all about foundation.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an [...]