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Bridal Fashion Week – The wedding silhouettes, styles and silks…

What a week for Bridal! New York Bridal Week is always a wonderfully exciting opportunity to see the silhouettes and [...]

Getting married: wedding choices and bridal hell

It might be hard for some to understand this, but when I proposed to my boyfriend and he said Yes, I thought that was [...]

So… the wedding dress….

It’s white, it’s huge, it’s….. hopefully your wedding cake. In all seriousness, the days of [...]

Free wedding invitation templates

Let’s face it. Weddings are not cheap! Last week my friend Susan was lamenting just how much her upcoming winter wedding [...]

The wedding budget question

Money makes the world go round. No, that would be science, but I see their point – money is definitely a useful [...]

Would You Consider a “Fake Wedding Cake” For Your Big Day?

Would you consider a “fake wedding cake” for your big day?  What are “fake wedding cakes”?  you [...]

Wedding Shoes Trend

As we all know it’s not only about the wedding it’s also about the wedding shoes. I am a firm believer that [...]

Funny wedding poems to lighten your speech

A poem is a wonderful way to share your feelings – a sentiment echoed by Daniel Radcliffe who spent 3 or 4 years writing [...]

Wedding reception games – wanna play?

This summer I went to three weddings, and two of them actually had some sort of game element during the reception. I am [...]

Wedding Planning, the best life lesson you can get

For many brides, the time between the poignant proposal and magical matrimony is consumed with event planning, guest [...]

What to wear for your engagement shoot

I’ve always believed that an engagement shoot is a great idea, mainly because it gives you the chance to become [...]

Perfection with Freya Rose wedding shoes

Mention the name Freya Rose and my eyes light up! I adore her wedding shoes and her bridal footwear is to die for. Her [...]