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The Wedding Divide

I think the major issue that Edgar and I have is that he want’s this big huge wedding and I want something small [...]

“American Bridal Shower Gifts”

            American Bridal Showers  - this is a party where female guests of the bride [...]

You can over think things

  My fiancé and I put a great deal of time and effort into selecting our invitations, despite trying to be [...]

Taking care of your feet for the wedding

Many of my fellow shoe loving friends put a lot of energy into picking out the perfect pair for their wedding day. But [...]

Your wedding: to video or not to video?

If you ask most couples for their advice on their wedding day, it will be to enjoy the day as it sweeps past so quickly. [...]

Bad Bridesmaids 2… The Know-It-All!!

  So its time for the second part of the Bridesmaid-Zilla series. Bad Bridesmaids 2… The know-it-all!! Read on to [...]

YouTube makeup pros

There are two things I simply cannot live without: my tube of Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick and YouTube. Like wearing red [...]

Wedding hairstyle help for short hair

Many of my bridal clients with short hair come into my salon feeling obligated to wear hair extensions on their wedding [...]

Winter wedding wonderland

Winter weddings are popular, not least because there is often a wider and more economical choice of venues at that time [...]

“Preserving The Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake”

  The tradition of eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary is at least as old as my [...]

Sheath wedding dresses hug me tender

It’s hard to be the Duchess of Cambridge. There are so many official duties like travelling the world and taking care of [...]

Norway’s best kept wedding secret: kransekake

My cousin just married his long-time Norwegian girlfriend and the reception of course featured some elements of the [...]