Save the Date!

Once you have your wedding date booked and confirmed, you can begin to tell your potential wedding guests. This is where your ‘Wedding Guest List’ really starts to take shape and decisions on who you would like to invite to your wedding get real!

Save the Date

‘Save the Date’ communications can be the start of your plans around your wedding stationery, as often the themes used on any ‘Save the Date’ cards, etc, are then continued throughout.

One core element of your wedding you will have to consider at this point is … your wedding COLOURS! This can cause much heartache for some, whereas others know what colours they would like as part of their wedding from the word GO!

Choosing colours can take many routes and be determined by so many things including, the time of year you get married, flowers that may or may not be in season, traditional vs. modern, even the hair colour of your Bridesmaids can influence your colour choice! Some couples just keep it simple and opt for their favourite colour, however whacky or lairy they might be!

Whichever colours you choose, they ‘normally’ appear on your wedding stationery and provide the first little bit of insight to your guests about your wedding!

Telling everyone to please ‘Save the Date’, can be as expensive or as cheap as you wish to make it.

You could have a designer come up with something for you and print it on a variety of materials including card, wood or metal, whatever takes your fancy. ‘Save the Dates’ really do come in all shapes and sizes!

Save The Date-Wood

A clever option which I quite like, is to have magnets made, so people can put them on their fridge as a reminder. Genius idea!

Another option, which may work out cheaper, is to either make them yourself, or have a creative friend or family member do it for you. This can be more fun, and could also involve someone special in your wedding day with a very important role (especially if they do ALL your wedding stationery!).

Save The Date-Homemade

If you really want to save yourself what some might consider to be, ‘an unnecessary expense’, you could just simply email your family and friends, or drop them a call or text message, to tell them the date of your wedding. That’s what I did; I wanted to use my pennies elsewhere …

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