Different Wedding Ideas

I think the major issue that Edgar and I have is that he want’s this big huge wedding and I want something small and intimate. It’s the first time either one of us is getting married and it’s become a struggle to find a common ground when it comes to what we both want. I want a DIY wedding that isn’t too costly and even though he wants the same as far as cost he wants something of a fairy tale with him riding in on his horse dressed a knight and I this princess he has to rescue. Of course that’t not happening lol but I am trying to find some type of compromise between his idea of a wedding and mine and the end result is it’s going to be more of an extravagant affordable wedding which lets face it in New York is a little impossible.

Luckily I’ve come up with a couple of DIY ways that will be listed in the following post to have a gorgeous yet affordable wedding. Hopefully he’ll agree with me lol he’s a bit of a groomzilla.

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