First Day Of School Ideas

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Today was the first day of school for the kids and boy was it hectic. The twins were off to 7th grade and The boys both started school for the first time crazy how the summer flew by. Usually for the first day of school we like to do a group photo with all the kids in their uniform in from of the house and then I like to do individual ones that I later add on to the family scrapbook. I am a huge scrapbook fan, I like to commemorate everything that we have done together as a family through out the year so we can look back at the fun things we did and the funny captions that the kids put. So anyways lol (sorry I ramble sometimes lol) I like to take individual pictures of the kids and I always edit them in photo shop since they feel silly holding up a sign that say it’s the first day and what their thoughts are and what they would expect to learn during the year. I also like to do a semi-interview at the end of their to see how they liked and how their day went, not only is this a good way for them to express themselves about their first day but at the end of the year you could go back and see if anything changed.  I think it’s something fun that they can look back on and it’s something that I will definitely incorporate into the wedding, especially with the guest. I’ve added a few example below of what I’m trying to describe. As you see in the picture below this isn’t only a great way to start off the school year but it could also be something fun that you could do for a wedding obviously the questions will be different but it will be something fun for your friends and family to fill out and take pictures with as too what they expect for you and your spouse.




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