Saying ‘I Do!’ to watches!

When it comes to the choice of wearing a watch on your wedding day or going down the aisle bare-wristed, many brides will be advised to shun a timepiece, or with so many other arrangements to make, will overlook the decision altogether. But should you let your big day tick away without one? Bride on Time looks at why you should say ‘I do!’ to wearing a wedding watch.

Stay on Track

You’ve spent months (perhaps years) planning your dream day, and you’ll need to remain organised until the confetti has been swept away. You’ve arranged and memorised the timings of each part of your wedding down to the last second, so keeping track of what’s happening as the hours fly by is just good bridal sense. Nobody wants to be constantly checking their watch on their wedding day, but grabbing the nearest person with a smart phone and demanding to know the time while you hyperventilate is never a good look.

The romance

What’s not to like about the thought of counting down the minutes until you marry the love of your life? There’s a certain romance in glancing at your watch as the excitement mounts, and why not engrave your caseback with a special message from the groom or with the date of your nuptials to make it feel even more special for your unique love story.


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Do it in style

Many brides don’t like the thought of a clunky watch interrupting the dreamy look of their wedding outfit, but there’s no reason why your wristwear should look out of place. With so many high fashion pieces on the market, varying from white and pastel to diamond encrusted, your watch can be just as pretty as the rest of your wedding jewellery.

Keep the memories

While your wedding dress is (hopefully) only destined to be worn once, a special bridal timepiece is something that can give you pleasure for the rest of your life. This treasured keepsake will always remind you of your happy memories, as well as being a practical and useful addition to your wardrobe.

Pass it on

Choose your wedding day watch carefully, and this is an investment that will only grow in value, as well as providing you with a beautiful family heirloom to pass on to your children or loved ones. Consider your daughter wearing the watch you married in at her own wedding and the purchase becomes even poignant.

Be selective

If you love the thought of wearing a watch for some parts of the celebrations, but not others, then mix it up! Wearing your special timepiece when you’re getting ready, or just at your reception is a great way to enjoy the wedding watch experience without committing to the look all day, and is the ideal way to make certain parts of your big day feel even more special.


Bride On Time is brought to you by Watchfinder & Co, the pre-owned watch specialist and Watch Retailer of the Year for both 2015 and 2014 at the UK Jewellery Awards. Post by Sarah-Jane Adams.

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