All The Fun of The Wedding Fair

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The Autumn Season of Wedding Fairs is upon us!


At exhibition centres and stately halls around the country, the bridal brigade is gathering. On Sundays throughout the autumn months, wedding venues play host to all manner of bridal stalls. The aim is to provide a one stop service, helping couples who are getting married to plan their big day.

As the doors of the wedding fair open to the public, a bevy of blushing brides descend on the show rooms. There is a palpable sense of excitement – and nervousness – in the air. It’s a time when you can delight in your wildest imagination, and the fairy tale wedding you have always dreamed of.

A bridal fair is a great place to begin your preparations. You’ll get great ideas – and inspiration aplenty – whether you are looking for a wedding dress or a ring. There’ll be wedding cakes galore and table decorations. Then there’s the magician, the string quartet and Master of Ceremonies to consider.


As you assimilate all things bridal, it can be overwhelming – but it should, most definitely, be a fun day out!

4 Tips for making the most of your Bridal Fair experience.


•    Bring to the fair the people who share your elation. It could be your mother or your best friend, or indeed, your husband-to-be. The Bridal Fair is part of the excitement and build-up to your wedding, and should be fun to experience. Come with those who love a good wedding!

•    If your groom is independent, allow him to explore on his own. He’ll have a better time, if he can look at all those wedding cars and chocolate fountains under his own steam. Take him back to your favourite stalls later, once you have found exactly what you are looking for.

•    Find the products and people that most appeal to your senses. If you have an instant rapport with the stall holder, that’s a good sign. Dealing with them should be plain and easy sailing. Weddings can become stressful. Liaising with people you get along with makes life easier.

•    Take a break, and the time to gather your thoughts, before you leave the fair. It’s a good idea to grab a coffee, and let all the sights and sounds sink in. You may realise, with time to reflect, that you need more details from a certain florist or boutique before you go!


With these tips in mind, you are ready to enjoy a great day out – and discover All the Fun of the Wedding Fair.

What part of the bridal fair are you most looking forward to?



Photography by Brides By Solo’s Mel Larcombe

Newmarket Wedding Fair, Rowley Mile Racecourse, August 30th 2014.


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