Never Too Old To Get Married

It’s official: Marriage is back in vogue.  After a superstitiously quiet 2013 (unlucky for some?), this year the wedding bells have been ringing – as everyone and their aunt gets married.  Literally.  And no matter if the blushing brides are advancing in years, there has never been a better time to tie the knot….


My glamourous Aunt Hazel and her dashing groom Brian; the bride with her grandson, Bradley


Young And In Love


A youthful couple in their mid 70’s, my glamourous aunt, Hazel, and her newly wed husband, Brian, could fool anyone into thinking they were in their 50’s or 60’s. Holding hands like a pair of teenagers throughout their ceremony, it was obvious that their love is a strong bond, cemented by 9 years together.


Refusing to believe they were too old for love, Brian and Hazel, both in their 60’s at the time, met on a dating website in 2006. Their relationship has outlived the dating website on which they met. Finally tying the knot last week, you feel they are the ideal poster couple for finding love and marriage in later years.


The bride wore a coral red knee-length dress, red shoes and feather & sinamay headpiece. The groom wore a dapper new suit, silver tie, and red braces to compliment the bride’s red lace dress. Their wedding ceremony was a poignant testament to love at any age, filled with hope for the future…


“We might have two years left, or twenty years,” said the bride, “but we choose to spend those years together.”


Old-fashioned Love Story


After meeting up every weekend for nearly a decade, this happy couple are taking the plunge and deciding to share their lives together. It seems to suit them both perfectly. They both seem extremely happy – and as excited as any couple – about the prospect of the long years stretched out ahead of them.


It did take a while for the bride to come round, though. Brian asked Hazel to marry him every day for nine years.  And every day my aunt would say, “Ask me tomorrow.”  And he did.  Her groom was certainly very persistent!  One day she said, “Ask me at the weekend”.  Brian booked a restaurant table and prepared a token ring.

Over dinner that weekend, Brian asked Hazel to marry him again. “And this time, she said the word, ‘Yes’.”


Driving 70 miles every weekend to see each other just didn’t make sense anymore, says my aunt. But what was it that finally made her change her mind, and say yes after all these years? ” Of course, I had some reservations (over her first husband’s memory) but it has been nearly 15yrs now!  Brian always takes care of me, and in the end I just couldn’t resist him.  I think I’m allowed some happiness in life.”


After all these years together, they know their love will stand the test of time. They are a perfect match and a real inspiration, as marriage comes back into fashion, whatever your age!  This was a wedding filled with a love of life.  A celebration of the joys of marriage.  It’s an undeniable truth:  you’re never too old to get married.



My Aunt Hazel and her husband Brian celebrate their wedding – with their daughters and grandchildren.


New marriage: as this happy couple in their 70’s celebrate the start of their new life together, it is apparent to all. You are never too old to find love. Never too old to start a new life together. Never too old to get married!


Congratulations to Hazel and Brian, wishing you a long and happy life together!



By Mel Larcombe


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