A Regency Wedding and a Tailor Made Dress

Brides by Solo featured bride Angie married her sweetheart Steve in a Regency Wedding.  Here she tells how bride, groom and guests all went in costume to their spectacular wedding held at the local Theatre Royal.Regency WeddingAngie says:

I first met my groom Steve at school in Bury St Edmunds, when we were 13 years old.  We were just friends, but Steve said he always wanted to ask me out!  We lost contact after school…

We met again in March 2013.  After two years together, Stephen proposed to me in July last year at Dunston Hall.  We got married on Valentines Day 2015.

Regency Wedding

“My most special memory was as I walked up on stage to ‘From This Moment On’ to meet my future husband”

Regency Wedding

Our wedding venue was the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds.  I’ve always wanted to be an actress and to perform on the the stage, so next best thing was to get married on it.

Because it was a Regency Theatre we decided to turn back time.  We asked ask our guests if they could kindly join us in creating this amazing atmosphere in the theatre – as it was when it first opened in 1819.

All our guests sat in the stalls & boxes as if they were watching a play.

Regency Wedding

“Cindy made me a pocket in my dress under the skirt so as I could take a photo of my dad down the aisle with me.”

The Ronald Joyce Dress

The first I knew of Brides by Solo was at Newmarket Racecourse Wedding Show, before that I didn’t know it existed.  Odette and her staff were so lovely that I decided to go to Brides by Solo to see if I could find a dress.

I knew roughly what kind of dress I was looking for our Regency/Georgian theme wedding.  I tried on ten dresses that day – they had so many to choose from!  I saved the best – a Ronald Joyce dress – until last.

It had 14 layers, a train and the dress was glittery and sparkly – it was nearly perfect!  But it needed sleeves.
Amazingly the dress came with a shawl, I could use the same material that the dress was made out of to make them.

Odette has a lovely seamstress, called Cindy, who did an absolutely marvellous job with the sleeves.  The lace around the bottom of the sleeve cost me £160 for half a yard of material, but I just had to have it.

Cindy also made me a beautiful bag with the left-over lace.

Regency WeddingThe Georgian Wedding Party

Masquerade, owned by Sally Couch in Stonham, provided most of our guest with their outfits.  So you can imagine the atmosphere and excitement amongst our guests!  I could hardly believe my eyes when I realised most of my guests had gone to the trouble for us.  They made our day truly memorable.

I have four sons.  Three of them were ushers: Dean, Luke and Adam, our youngest son who still lives with me.  Benn Burroughs gave me away – unfortunately my father passed away two years ago.  Cindy made me a pocket in my dress under the skirt so as I could take a photo of my dad down the aisle with me.

I had six bridesmaids and two page boys.  Harriet was my matron of honour.  Katie was my chief bridesmaid along with Danielle, Abi, Daisie and Ava. Our page boys were Alife and Archie.  I now also have two beautiful step-daughters Emily and Rebecca.  How lucky am I?

Regency WeddingSpecial Moments

For four months before the wedding Stephen and I, and six others, learnt to dance a sequence taken from the film, Pride and Prejudice.  We danced to ‘Postcard to Henry’.  That was a very enjoyable experience.

For an hour while our guest were arriving, Paddy Butcher played the Hurdy-gurdy… amazing!  Another special memory is greeting everybody in their costumes and admiring them.

But the most special memory from my wedding day was when Savannah Love sang Shania Twains, ‘From This Moment On’, as I walked up on stage to meet my future husband.

Regency Wedding

“I felt like Cinderella. I couldn’t wait to wear it. I didn’t want to take it off.”

Angie’s Brides by Solo Experience

When I went to pick up my dress, after they has pressed it for me, I remember Odette saying to me, ” I don’t want you to take it away from my shop.”

Odette and her staff were so helpful, friendly, kind and welcoming.  The shop was spotlessly clean.  There were so many dresses to choose from that I’d be completely surprised if you couldn’t find a dress there.

They were so complementary and it made me so excited about my dress, I felt like Cinderella.  I couldn’t wait to wear it.  I didn’t want to take it off.

Thank you very much for this exciting opportunity to share the story of my beautiful wedding!


Ronald Joyce wedding dress personalised for Angie by Brides by Solo.
Photography by Jack Yallop.


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