Lucky In Love – Cambridge Couple Lucy and Pip

Brides by Solo Featured Bride, Lucy, recently got married in one of our all time favourite dresses – by designer Ronald Joyce.  Our Lucky In Love bride tells of her marriage to Pip in her wonderful dress…


The Bride and Groom

Pip and I met when we were out in Cambridge with friends.  Neither of us went out looking for each other, however our friends met up and we were brought together unexpectedly.  We got chatting and it just seemed right.  After a couple of years we knew we were going to marry, but wanted to make sure the time was right.

On our five year anniversary Pip proposed after a lovely meal at Midsummer House in Cambridge.  We had always decided that is where we would go after five years together, so it made it even more special.

Both of our families knew he was going to propose – although it was a surprise to me – and they were all awake late that night waiting for my answer.  My engagement ring is made from antique diamonds from Pip’s Great-grandmother’s engagement ring.


The Wow Factor

I had no preconceived ideas about what type of dress I wanted…  I had heard about Brides by Solo from a colleague at work;  her daughter-in-law had bought her wedding dress there.  I was really impressed on my first visit as there were a wide range of dresses at good prices.  This meant I could try on lots of different styles.

On the morning of my appointment, while I was choosing dresses to try on, Odette was unpacking boxes for a promotional weekend the shop was holding.  I remember her getting the dress out of the box and instantly thinking ‘wow’ – as it was not like anything else I had ever seen before.

bridesbysolobedfordlodgeThe Lucky Find

My Ronald Joyce wedding dress a completely lucky find for me that day!  I didn’t want to get carried away in case the dress was more than my budget, however I was really lucky that it wasn’t.

As soon as I tried it on I knew it was something special and the dress for me.  I felt like a princess which was amusing, considering I thought I would probably like a plain dress, both simple and small.

My dress was none of these!
bridesbysolobridesmaidsSilver Dreams, Silver Dresses

Once I found my dress the rest fell into place.  I decided that due to the style of my dress the bridesmaids dresses needed to be silver or grey in colour – I can’t explain it but that’s what seemed to work.

I think it was due to the bead work and jewels on the dress itself.  It took a while to find the bridesmaids dresses – we didn’t actually secure them until about eight weeks before the wedding.

I didn’t panic though, and everything just seemed to fall into place.  I had spotted the dresses a while back but they were sold out.  I ordered some others, however they weren’t what we wanted.  Then luckily, out of the blue, I checked the website again and the original dresses were in stock.  I think it was meant to be!

bridesbysologroomswearTails for the Groom

As for the groomsmen, Pip and I visited a suit store together to investigate our options.  Much like me, Pip didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas, he just thought he wouldn’t like tails on his suit.  However, much to our surprise, being open for anything, he tried them on and decided that tails were the look for him!

We were married on the 10th April 2015 at the Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket.  We visited a few venues but none of them were quite what we were looking for.  However, once we arrived at the hotel and stepped through the front door, I knew it was where I wanted to get married – lucky for Pip he agreed.

It was just what we were looking for, a mixture of modern and old fashioned charm in a town which holds history for Pip.  He played for and managed different teams in Newmarket Football Club, so for him the town held special memories.

bridesbysolopartyThe Big Day

I won’t lie, I was extremely anxious about turning the corner and walking down the aisle.  I don’t particularly enjoy being the centre of attention, however once I saw Pip my nerves disappeared.  I can’t remember much about walking down the aisle, but once I reached the end, he said how lovely I looked.

We had held conversations on the run up to the wedding about how he thought my dress would look.  Needless to say it was nothing like the dress I had chosen – and I think he was pleasantly surprised at my choice.  My friends and family members thought I would chose a plain fitted dress, how very wrong they were!

bridesbysolobrideand groomSpecial Moments

The most special memories of the day, after marrying Pip of course, have to be arriving at the venue and seeing the flowers in the ceremony room.  We, well I say ‘we’ but it was mainly I, were very excited about the flowers.

They were our biggest extravagance.  We had managed to involve many family and friends in other elements of the wedding, but we had fallen in love with white roses.

When I went to the ceremony room on the morning of the wedding, I shed a tear at how beautiful it looked.  I was overwhelmed by the size of the vases the florist had used, with 100 cream roses in each vase and that feeling of seeing them is something I will never forget.

It made everything suddenly seem real and I couldn’t wait to get the day started!

bridesbysolobedfordlodge2A Valued Bride

Brides by Solo were excellent.  As someone who doesn’t always enjoy clothes shopping, and I know my mum and friends would say can be a complete nightmare, they made me feel very welcome and very special throughout the whole experience.  Each appointment was wonderful.  I felt completely valued as a customer.

My dress was bought over a year in advance and they looked after it for me, keeping it safe and sound in their shop.  Then when it came to alterations time, they were on hand to ensure that it fitted me perfectly.  I could not have asked for a better experience from Odette and the team!


Lucky In Love


Congratulations to the gorgeous Lucy and her handsome groom Pip on the occasion of their wedding.

Wishing you a very long and happy life together from all of us at Brides by Solo.


Wedding Photography by Peter Oliver Photography


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