Personalise Your Wedding with Favours and Decorations

Personalise Your Wedding With Bespoke Favours and Table Decorations

Every bride wants their wedding to be unique.   Just as wedding dresses are becoming highly individual – with no two bridal designs at Brides By Solo seeming similar this season – so there is a trend towards more quirky, personal weddings.

This is reflected in the new passion for bespoke wedding favours and table decorations.  Tailored exactly to the happy couple’s newly joined personality, decorations will charm your guests with their matrimonial charisma.

Personalise your wedding with favours and decorations

Personalise your wedding with charismatic favours and bespoke decorations

Imagine the delight as your family recognise a much loved vintage tea-set, turned into candle keepsakes – or a champagne bottle decorated especially for guests to cherish the moment of your wedding!

Inspired by these individual trends and revelling in the moment, Brides by Solo offers some suggestions on how to personalise your very own wedding…


Bespoke Wedding Favours

The moment guests sit down at your wedding breakfast, you have their attention.   The room may be beautifully decorated from top to toe, but it is at the table that guests take in the detail of your wedding.

And the first thing that will catch their eye is their bespoke wedding favour!

The traditional bowl of almonds is made even more exciting by the clever designs of The Treat Kitchen, ensuring one and all will savour your wedding favours.

Or how about these ‘Let The Love Grow’ wildflower meadow seeds from Not On The High – so that everyone can sprinkle the seeds of your love far and wide?

For a beach or outdoor wedding, sweet smelling Sandalwood fans make the perfect wedding favour to keep the ladies cool.  A sensitively stylish – yet practical – gift from The Little Favour Box Company.

Personalised Tableware

For discerning wine connoisseurs, wedding ceremony wine labels celebrating the joyous occasion can provide an extra special touch to your ‘wedding breakfast’.

* The wedding breakfast is so called because it is the first meal the bride and groom share as man and wife. *

You can even bottle your own home brewed beverage!  A corked miniature bottle of flavoured vodka looks pretty on the table and also tastes good.  Additionally, it may well become a treasured keepsake.

Brides by Solo bride Yanika beautifully decorates champagne glasses and bottles by hand.  We featured Yanika’s wedding, steeped in Slavic tradition, last autumn.

Yanika and Glory specialises in hand decorated champagne glasses and bottles

Yanika and Glory specialises in hand decorated champagne glasses and bottles

“Weddings nowadays have become more formal and sadly many traditions have been forgotten.  I would like to bring part of them back to you and make your celebration unique and unforgettable,”  says Yanika of Yanika and Glory


Finishing Touches

Hand carved soaps from Thailand make beautiful table pieces and exotic wedding favours – from a couple who hold the Far East honeymoon destination close to their hearts, perhaps?

These quirky Mr and Mrs card holders from handmadeBYmamas are sure to bring a smile to your wedding party as they announce the seating arrangements to your guests.

Rare Swarovski Crystal hearts from Love Vintage Beads complete your table decorations with a heartfelt sparkle.

Your wedding party will notice the subtle effort you have made to make your guests feel special.  Included in your special day, they will feel the love you hold for one another and for everyone present.



Celebrate your marriage with a very personal touch!


Every bride dreams about their wedding day and the themes unique to their own charm and personality.

How will you personalise your wedding?



By Mel Larcombe for Brides by Solo Bridal Boutique


Photos reproduced courtesy of Yanika & Glory, The Treat Kitchen, Not On The High Street, The Little Favour Box Company, Soap of Siam, handmadeBYmamas, Love Vintage Beads &



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