4 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

Everybody is looking forward to your wedding celebrations.  The mother of the bride is proudly searching for her outfit.  The date has taken pride of place on your aunt’s calendar for months.  The groomsmen are looking forward to a boozy day with their best mates.  And don’t forget the little people – who will be eyes agog at the prospect of a family wedding! 

Here’s how to keep little guests entertained throughout the festivities.

4 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

Don’t burst their bubble, our four ideas will keep everyone happy at your wedding

Worried about finally saying ‘I do’ over a cacophony of crying babies and whining children?  It’s terrifying visions like these that mean it’s becoming more and more common for weddings to be a childless event.

However, it’s tricky to say no to all kids without upsetting a few parents and when you’re a parent yourself, keeping the day adults-only simply isn’t an option.  So, how can you have the best of both worlds?

  1. It’s true, kids enjoy new toys

4 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding 2

Wedding busy bags will keep children occupied for hours

Wedding busy bags do exactly what they say on the tin – by keeping little ones from kicking up a fuss, whilst they are sitting through endless speeches and tedious three-course dinners.  These adorable and affordable little wedding favours are ready-made and packed full of activity books, toys and colouring sets that are clean, quiet and great for individual play.

All About Party Bags are the UK’s largest specialist in wedding busy bags and offer a vast range of over 300 busy bags for anyone, from tiny ones to teenagers.  Brides can even choose a bag and ribbon to match the theme of the wedding, so there’s no need to compromise on your flawless colour scheme.

  1. A 90-minute film is 90 minutes of peace and quiet

4 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

Movie time – 90 minutes of peace and quiet! 

If you want to have the kids at your wedding but would also like a few hours of grown up only time, there’s nothing better to keep the little ones occupied than a film.  It works at home and it’ll work at your wedding!  Find (or hire) someone to supervise the kids, and a spare room at your venue to set up a movie projector.

Fill the room out with comfy cushions and duvets galore, provide a few snacks and drinks – and make sure your playlist includes Frozen!  Younger guests can escape the wedding hustle and bustle for a while and can even take a much-needed nap, out of the way of partying adults.

  1. Treat children like miniature adults

5 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

The cuteness factor – adorable flower girls playing dress up

Getting little ‘uns involved in the ceremony is the perfect entertainment solution when there are only a few children present.  From adorable flower girls to handsome little pageboys, kids most definitely provide an added cuteness factor and they love feeling important.

However, there are plenty of other ways to make kids feel involved and special too.  For example, give them a disposable camera and ‘Official Wedding Photographer’ badge each – and a challenge to take the best photographs.  Or hand out plastic champagne flutes of milk or juice so they can raise a toast just like the adults.

They will love feeling grown up, and will enjoy the chance to socialise with other children they may not have met before.

  1. Nap-time is sacred

1 Ways to Keep Little Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

Nap-time is sacred.  Images from Unsplash  

If your heart is set on having lots of children at your wedding, it is worth planning your ceremony with this in mind.  A morning or afternoon wedding would cater to children and parents best, ensuring the younger ones are fully rested or fresh from their midday nap, and ready for the events ahead.

Also, a wedding that finishes earlier is perfect for worried parents to make sure there are no temper tantrums as the night rolls on.  Especially if the blushing bride is their mum.  Use the tips above to keep the mood joyous all day long!

How are you planning to entertain the children on your big day?

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