Bridal Shower: A Parasol Of Gifts

The Bridal Shower is a joyous occasion in many a wedding calendar, allowing the bride to come together to celebrate with female relations before the big event.  Typically held 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the wedding, the Bridal Shower is arranged by the maid of honor to bless the bride’s marriage – and to exchange small, symbolic gifts.

bridal shower tea party

Celebrate age-old traditions with a modern twist

In the Victorian era, female members of the bridal party would gather at intimate tea parties – to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming role as house-maker and wife.  They placed small trinkets in a paper parasol and ‘showered’ the new bride with their gifts, so welcoming her to her new matrimonial role.

The tradition has carried on strongly in the United States and Canada, and today the bridal party gathers to shower their love and support on the bride-to-be, as well as to exchange token gifts.  Meaningful, personalised, practical or indulgent – it is a time to celebrate a special moment in a new bride’s life with keepsakes and memories.

Whether you are showering the bride with your love and approval, or bestowing favors on your bridal party as thanks for their love and support, here are some imaginative gift ideas for the perfect Bridal Shower.

Gifts for the Bride

bridal shower gifts

Bridal shower gifts for the blushing bride

Traditional gifts focused on the kitchen and bedroom.  Stylish kitchen wares, sensuous beauty products, linens and scented candles are all still wonderful gift ideas for the blushing bride today.

Help your bride-to-be to be organised for her imminent nuptials with wedding planning diaries and personalised notebooks.  ‘Love story’ or ‘lucky in love’ quotes will keep her mind on the details of her special day.

Take it one step further and treat her to ‘Just Married’ luggage tags and sunglasses – especially if she is a Destination Bride jetting off to foreign shores, and is as excited by the honeymoon as by the wedding itself!

Favors for your Bridal Party

bridal shower personalised gifts

Personalised bridal shower essentials

Embrace the age-old etiquette of the Bridal Shower as an intimate tea party.  Present your guests with antique porcelain teacups or heart shaped tea infusers, and add some traditional Victorian flavor to proceedings.

Continue the bridal beauty theme by offering luscious lip butters and hand cream gifts, all packaged in delicate personalised pots, and customised by you.

Lollipops and goodie bags are a great way to keep the little ones happy during the bridal shower.  Add a personal message to all the gifts you give to thank everyone for celebrating with you.

And revel in the moment!

bridal shower now and then

Celebrating love and marriage since Victorian times

Indulge yourselves in each other’s company with Bridal Shower games.  Relive wedding traditions and superstitions.  Play Bridal Shower Bingo and Wedding Night Words, all while seeking and giving bridal advice.

The Bridal Shower prepares the bridal party for the wonders of the wedding soon to come.  In a time honoured ritual, the womenfolk come together – to strengthen the bond of their relations with each other, and their belief in the institution of marriage.

What better way to celebrate love than to exchange heartfelt memories and keepsakes at such a time?

Here’s to a Bridal Shower – and a Parasol of Gifts – you will treasure always.

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