Love Vintage? So do we!

Vintage weddings have become very popular over the last few years.


If you decide to have a vintage inspired wedding, it’s important to still have your personalities shown throughout the day.

Vintage has become so trendy, you don’t want your wedding blending into another vintage wedding your guests have been to this year. Brainstorm: what is it you want from your day? It may be a different type of food, entertainment or music.

Maybe you fancy a Hollywood glamour vintage theme, or a 1960’s vintage theme. There’s many vintage themes to choose from. Research and find your favourite. But for now, we’ve found some vintage items that we thought you’d love …

This traditional suitcase below is a great way to show your guests where they need to sit. Change these beautiful flowers to suit your own wedding colours.

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Credit: Stylehive


This gorgeous box is perfect to place all your wedding cards inside, or have some pre-prepared slips so your guests can write you both a message to place inside the box, (instead of having a guest book).
Another alternative is for you to place messages inside the box for your guests. These messages could be inspirational, romantic or funny.

You could even turn this into a game: allow your guest to choose a slip from the box that gives a fact about you both. Your could design a quiz related to these facts. This is great if you need your guests to mingle, as they’ll come together to figure out the answers.

Of course, the winner (or winning table) gets a prize!


The birdcage design is definitely a winner when is comes to decorating your vintage wedding venue.

Although cream is a vintage trait, try not to lose your personalities. Ensure you put your own stamp on your wedding day.

Most importantly … have fun!


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