Bohemian weddings, the anti-stress solution

Weddings are highly structured, pretty stressful affairs, right? Not if you don’t want them to be! When my friend Ashley decided to get married the last thing she wanted to deal with was a costly wedding planner and endless decision making. For her, this was a day to celebrate her relationship and the loved ones brought together to acknowledge their union. So, instead of opting for the classic styles, Ash decided to have a bohemian theme for her wedding.

So what are bohemian weddings? Basically, they’re much more relaxed celebrations in which nature, frugality and a do-it-yourself style are key. At a practical level, bohemian weddings are also much more communal and fun alternatives to traditional nuptials.


A communal celebration

Ash’s wedding was held on the organic farm where she originally met her fiancé, Paul. It was important to her that her friends and family truly feel like they were a part of the celebration, so she asked them to actively participate. This decision allowed her to avoid hiring a wedding planner. Called upon to contribute in whichever way they could, the guests were asked to forget the gifts and instead bring their favourite dishes for a potluck wedding reception. The result was brilliant! My mouth still waters when I think of the home-cooked pies the bride’s aunts made for dessert.

Homemade pies

The ceremony itself was a beautiful, boho affair. Ash and Paul read out their vows in the farm’s beautiful pine grove with the wedding party forming a circle around them. She wore a free-flowing summer dress while he looked great in a starched white shirt, and they both wore matching garlands made of freshly-picked flowers.

Beautiful flower garlands


Whimsical eclecticism

The great thing about bohemian weddings is that the look and style lends itself to any budget. While Ash was especially frugal, you can also spend more money when throwing this sort of affair.

Singer Kelly Clarkson’s wedding, for example, was obviously put together by a first-rate planner, but charming, “down-to-earth” touches like her flowered headband and bouquet featuring sunflowers reflected her more relaxed, artistic side.

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