Choosing your wedding colours

Any designer will tell you that a coherent colour scheme is the key to your wedding. The combination sets the feeling and provides an air of continuity to the affair. It takes patience, but the right colour scheme should be able to display not only your style and taste, but also your personal preferences and even your overall values.

Formal classics

With colours, I think less is more when you’re going for a more traditional look. Shades of white, silver and copper add a touch of elegance to any wedding. A friend recently held her reception at one of these ancestral banquet halls in a 1920’s hotel with dark wooden panels and grand chandeliers. The combination of table cover and settings in the aforementioned colour scheme helped make the occasion seem like a grand state dinner… Definitely a sensation that’s worth transmitting during the most important day of your life!

Another way to go classic is to do a mix of bolder colours, like scarlet, navy and eggshell, with an off-white shade, or a mix of silver and white. This was what the royal couple opted for at last year’s wedding of Prince Felix of Luxembourg and Claire Lademacher in the south of France. The pageboys and flower girls were dressed in classic white, baroque-style costumes with silver elements, perfectly matching the bride’s dress and fresh bouquet. Royal refinement at its best!

Prince Felix

Prince Felix

Outdoor dazzlers

I find that the setting plays a key part in selecting the right palette. Now that summer’s here, a great way to really pull an outdoor wedding together is with a rustic look. Imagine a vintage feel, very do-it-yourself, centred around softer brown, tan and white combinations: keepsake gifts for guests presented in tiny burlap sacks, seating charts pinned onto rough wood boards… I love the way this creates a subconscious sepia-toned feel that makes the whole affair seem simultaneously classic yet relaxed.

Another option I love to see is the invocation of the season with beach colours, really bringing the fun to the forefront. Soft reds, teal, yellow, gold and tan are the perfect touches to accompany a seaside wedding, ensuring maximum cheer. The great thing about this colour scheme is that it can easily play off all of the natural adornments, from flower arrangements to tastefully arranged centrepieces featuring sand, seashells or other oceanic elements.

Once you have your colour scheme, you can incorporate it into the details of your wedding.