Look up! Spectacular ceiling decor for your wedding

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with wedding reception venues is making your decorative vision work with the spaces allowed. Venues can often put up curtains or room dividers to better arrange reception areas, but I find that an enormous impact can be made not by focusing on what’s around you, but instead glamming up what’s directly above.

Lanterns, drapes, strategic lighting… simple ceiling solutions can make the world of difference at your wedding reception.

Project your theme

The wedding’s reception is the couple’s greatest opportunity to really wow the guests, and one of my favourite things is to step into what would usually be a standard hotel ballroom and find myself transported to another world.

If your wedding has a theme, the ceiling is a great place to highlight it. My friend Jessica went all out in her carnival themed wedding and had the banquet hall’s ceiling strung with coloured, draped swaths of fabric, creating the illusion of dinner within a circus tent. This went perfectly with the popcorn machine and balloon animal artist that were brought in for the guests’ entertainment later on.

Lighting always helps

At a rustic wedding I went to, meanwhile, the reception was held in a barn, and the ceiling was decorated with suspended branches and leaves, driving home that natural theme.

Lighting effects

Another wedding I attended dimmed the standard house lights and strung hundreds of rows of twinkling outdoor lights from above, making it seem as if we were enjoying the wedding dinner under the canopy of a starlit night sky. At singer Ashlee Simpson’s wedding a few years back, the decorator pulled off a similar effect using dark coloured fabric drapes and hanging chandeliers and flowery vines. She created the illusion of a celebration in the midst of an enchanted garden.

Chandeliers are a dramatic option

If you’re fortunate enough to hold your reception in an architecturally remarkable spot, half the battle is already won! In those cases, less is often more. Use strategic lighting to highlight certain details and up the space’s natural dramatic touches.

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