Make your outdoor wedding a guaranteed success

Did you see the pictures of Anna Wintour‘s son’s outdoor wedding in Long Island?  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it once more: in summer, outdoor weddings are pretty much the best thing ever. Whether it’s a perfect afternoon in the forest, a sunset by a lake or an evening affair in the countryside, outdoor weddings are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Elizabeth Cordry and Charlie Shaffer

That said, whenever one thinks of having an affair with nature as the main stage so many questions inevitably arise. What will you do if it rains? How to power the lights? Fear not. You only need to take a few steps to ensure your outdoor wedding will be a success.


Thinking ahead

The key to celebrating a wedding with nature as a backdrop is planning. If your nuptials are outdoors, your number one priority should be having a detailed backup plan should the weather take a turn for the worse. Have a marquee ready just in case.

Outdoor reception

Between the DJ’s, lighting, and your caterer’s needs, weddings require a lot of electricity. Avoid using too many extension cords (they elevate the possibility of both the power and your guests tripping) and if you decide to use a generator, make sure that you place it far away from the wedding party (those things are loud)!


Bugs and other natural inconveniences

Insects are a part of nature but they don’t need to ruin your outdoor affair. Some sites will allow you to spray the area for bugs. If not, make sure that you keep food covered and put citronella candles on each table.

Also keep in mind that, even in the outdoors, nature calls. Be mindful of how many guests are attending, and if any of them have special needs, to ensure the site has an adequate number of restroom facilities.

Finally, do your guests a favour by clarifying the dress code. Outdoors can mean informal to some, while others expect to dress up for a wedding. Make sure that you state the level of formality on the invitations, as well as any special considerations (like the optional use of sandals) linked to the wedding location.

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