What you need for a sensational autumn wedding

While your current thoughts may centre on days at the beach, it’ll be autumn once again in just a few short months. Along with the changing colours of the leaves comes autumn wedding season.

I love autumn weddings because they have a natural air of sepia-toned elegance thanks to the backdrop of natural reds and oranges. The environment provides so much of the decor that the final planning is actually pretty simple.

The colours of autumn

It’s all about location, location, location

When planning your autumn wedding, location and timing are key. Double check the average temperatures and usual weather in the place you’ve selected for your celebration, and keep this in mind when setting the date: a spot that may be spectacular in mid-September might be covered in snow just a few weeks later. Make sure that your venue offers weather-proof alternatives.

While you may want to marry under a fine willow tree, pick a place with covered spaces nearby just in case the weather is less favourable than anticipated. Marquees are always a good idea, but consider renting out heat lamps if you’re planning on having a full-on, outdoors wedding. Moreover, remember that autumn is one of the most popular wedding seasons, so make sure that you book in advance!

Have an outdoor wedding to go with your engagement photos

A colourful cornucopia

The best thing about autumn weddings is that the colour scheme is so great! Dark reds, browns and greens mix well and perfectly reflect the seasonal ambiance. They also make a fine mix of colours for bridesmaid dresses and wedding bouquets. When Mad Men star Christina Hendricks married last year, for example, her seasonal bouquet included camellias and fresh herbs, bringing the theme all together.

Carry the colours on to your decorations and incorporate the natural motifs (trees, leaves, orchards) and feature them on your invitations and centrepieces. Also make sure that you incorporate the best of the season’s fruits and vegetables into the wedding’s banquet menu.

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