Rustic weddings: keeping it elegant but relaxed

While indoor, formal weddings are delightful; now that summer’s here, outdoor weddings are all the rage. The great weather is the perfect opportunity to hold a rustic wedding, one of my personal favourite types of nuptials.

“What’s a rustic wedding?”, you ask. Well, it’s a celebration that is somewhat more casual and natural than other affairs, mixing a provincial and vintage vibe to an outdoors event. Simple elegance and do-it-yourself touches are the name of the game here, and I find that these sorts of events generally feel a lot more intimate for the happy couple and guests alike.


Country charm

My friend Madeleine made the best of some perfect June weather during her rustic wedding last month. The celebration was held at a farm, with the ceremony set on a field. The white chairs made a dreamy contrast on the green grass and a background of great willow trees led an air of natural grandeur to the occasion. The bride looked stunning in her simple white dress, and the groom in a stylish white shirt, grey vest and trousers.

The reception was held in a nearby barn which had been cleared out and strung with bunting. Long picnic tables held the buffet meal, while a casual mix of mismatched wooden chairs added to the authentic feeling of the countryside setting. Small touches like candles burning within mason jars and freshly baked pies and cookies for dessert made the whole thing feel as if it were a relaxing family event… even if the brilliant event planner had put in several days of work in order to make everything come together!


Relaxed yet noble

Given their ability to keep things elegant while simultaneously cutting out the stuffiness, it’s no surprise that rustic weddings are extremely popular. Celebs like Anne Hathaway have gone this route when marrying. The famed The Devil Wears Prada actress opted for a flower-filled, provincial event on a stretch of coastline in California.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

The great thing about rustic weddings is that they lend themselves easily to any combined indoor-outdoor setting. Whether you’re marrying in the countryside, in the woods, on a lake or by the sea, this style is an ideal way to bring it all together.