It takes two to make a wedding theme special

Who doesn’t love a wedding? The dresses, the décor, the glamour… what’s not to love, right? That said; how do you make your wedding really stand out? An original way is by making it memorable and bringing it all together according to a theme, but the key is balance. Whatever you choose to highlight has to be a perfect mix of you and your groom’s personalities.

Common passions

The most memorable wedding I ever attended was for a friend who is an art historian. The groom, meanwhile, owns an art gallery. Given their background, it was clear that art would play a major role in their wedding… And how! It turns out both lovebirds share a passion for Monet, so for their summer wedding they decided to use the French artist’s famous ‘Water Lilies’ as their inspiration. The affair was held in a botanical garden with tables strung with garlands… so romantic! The seating chart was printed in delicate brushstrokes on a canvas at the entrance, while the keepsake gifts were also themed: easel-shaped golden earrings for the ladies and paint-brush silver pins for the men.

I think it’s always a good choice to go for something that reflects the couple’s passions, especially if they match so clearly. Aaron Paul (star of TV’s Breaking Bad) went for this route when he got married last year and held a big 1920’s Parisian themed affair in southern California. Both he and his bride, director Lauren Parsekian, are passionate about the world of film and classic Hollywood, so the choice made sense. Mime artists on stilts, top hats, Art Deco suits and flapper dresses were on display: cute, whimsical and unforgettable.

Look towards the future

Wedding Destinations

Wedding Destinations

With wedding themes, another option is to reflect the couple’s plans, like centring the theme around the travel that the happy twosome will be doing on their imminent honeymoon. A pair I know received the –very generous– gift of a round-the-world trip from the groom’s parents as a pre-announced honeymoon present. Reflecting their excitement, the whole wedding reception was arranged to give previews of where they were going: the tables were named and decorated according to their travel locations (the Thai-themed one was particularly memorable), while the menus were printed on antique luggage labels.

Whether it’s based on passions or future plans, the perfect wedding theme is always the one that best reflects the couple – not just the bride!