How to decorate a barn wedding

What can be more romantic than getting married in a charming, old barn? Barn weddings don’t need to come with a flock-full of complications, and with just a little creativity you can make any old farm space just as delightful as The Ritz. Artful touches can guarantee an affair that will feel original, familiar and elegant all at once.

Barn weddings are beautiful.

Barn weddings are beautiful.


Country charm

I like barn weddings because they’re a perfect example of ‘less is more’ applied to the wedding scene. These grand, functional structures stand out for their beauty, so don’t burden yourself with excessive décor when a minimalist, rustic chic can go a long way.

When my design partner Mitsy married in a barn last year she followed this route, letting the building’s natural grace do the work. Taking full advantage of the beautiful, robust architectural elements, she strung lines of hanging lanterns from the beams. When evening fell, these glowing orbs seemed to float above us, creating a great effect. At the entrance, the seating chart hung from a pitchfork jutting out from a bale of hay, a cute, farm-related touch.


Rustic elegance

When holding a dinner reception in a barn, one good option is to lay out simple wooden tables in rows to accommodate the attendees. Gracefully covered with crisp, white tablecloth and candles in mason jars as centrepieces, they provide both whimsical charm and practical lighting to the scene.

Another way to have fun with barn weddings is to reaffirm the rustic theme when serving the meal. Present dishes on wooden platters and scatter local flowers throughout the space to add colour to the mix.

Pick the flowers according to your colour scheme.

Finally, remember that barn weddings provide a great opportunity to incorporate natural and antique elements in the décor. When decorating the walls, consider hanging up antique tools or strategically placing bales of straw around the room. Not only do they lend an air of authenticity to the space, but also provide guests with great props with which to take pictures of these unforgettable weddings!

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