It’s not over: the thank you notes

Between planning the wedding and actually surviving the event itself, it’s no wonder many couples are exhausted when all is said and done. While you might feel you’ve crossed the finish line once the cake is cut, you’ve still got a final lap ahead of you. Enter the wedding gifts!

That blender is fantastic and the candlesticks are divine, but before you can use them you need to acknowledge those who were generous enough to buy them for you. Crack your knuckles and grab a pen; it’s time to write some thank you notes.

thank you notes

Just married doesn’t mean you’re finished with the wedding!

Most newlyweds can only spend a few minutes greeting each individual during the reception. Thank you notes provide a way to reach out to those who made the effort (often at great financial expense) to set you up for your married life.

Keep to your wedding’s colour scheme when selecting stationery and put forth some effort to give these notes a personal touch. Computer-generated cards have become popular lately, but I feel a handwritten note is far more personal, and have certainly appreciated receiving them from friends over the years. If I feel that way, your dear aunt Madge is sure to feel doubly so!


Be creative

Thank you notes don’t have to be boring affairs. Don’t be afraid to be creative! One couple I know avoided the conventional route altogether and sent out lovely jars of jam (acquired during their honeymoon) with the thank you notes pasted on to their sides, like labels.

Maybe you can make your own special treat.

A little forethought can also go a long way in this regard. At my friend Jessica’s wedding the photographer had specific instructions to take candid shots of each guest. When the time came to write out the notes, she used the individual pictures as ‘thank you postcards’, with the messages written out on the back. She also included a dried, pressed flower saved from the wedding reception’s centrepiece within the envelope.

As with most things in weddings, thank you notes are something that can be refreshingly different as long as they’re done with a bit of creativity and style!

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