Thoughtful ruby wedding anniversary gifts

If a wedding is worth commemorating with a gift, anniversaries deserve just as much notice, especially when they mark a notably long-lasting marriage. The decade mark deserves an enthusiastic cheer, 20 years demands applause, and 30, nothing short of a standing ovation… But how do you mark a ruby wedding anniversary, love affair that’s stood a 40-year test of time?

This is the question I asked myself a few months ago, when my parents marked their 40th anniversary. They are traditionally known as ‘ruby anniversaries’ because of the stone’s eternal inner flame. These celebrations provide the perfect occasion to look back on a love that is truly timeless.

Ruby love affair

Ruby love affair


Think ruby red

Not everyone makes it to the big 40; indeed, it seems like Aliens star Sigourney Weaver is the only famous person celebrating a ruby anniversary this year. So when the time came, I knew I had to mark my parent’s love affair with something lovely.

Highlighting the ruby aspect, I opted to get them both his and her items: a beautiful red shawl for her and matching silk tie for him. I also treated them to dinner at an elegant restaurant near the park where he proposed to her so many years ago.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought ruby red when planning the gifts. My younger brother sent the happy couple 40 long-stem roses to mark the special date.

Although he didn’t send quite as many as these!


Take time to look back

Ruby weddings can also be marked with very personal and creative touches. My sister, for example, gathered up photos from the past forty years and arranged them into a lovely red album. Her daughters, my nieces, also did their part by writing a touching poem for their grandparents. They gave it to them in a red frame accompanied by drawings of the happy couple.

While these gifts were tailored to my parents, similar presents can be customised for others celebrating this special date. Remember; centre your creativity on a general theme, in this case, the colour red as a nod to the ‘ruby’ anniversary. It’s sure to be a gesture treasured by the happy couple.

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