Eye-catching winter wedding centrepieces

I’m not sure if it’s the perfect contrast between the outside cold and the inner warmth, the white snow and the stark colours of the bare trees, the crisp air and the soft lighting, but winter weddings seem to lend themselves to a special sort of natural elegance. While the weather enhances that air of solemnity and minimalist chic, the inner ambience is yours to create. One great way to really convey your winter wedding theme is via your table centrepieces, where natural seasonal elements, as well as candles and classic holiday décor can go the distance.

Nothing like a white snow backdrop at a winter wedding

Nothing like a snowy backdrop at a winter wedding.


Winter wonderland

Bucking the summer wedding trend, my sister Stacy decided to marry in mid-February a few years back, opting for the snowy backdrop despite the frigid weather. While the street temperature was well below zero, I admit that the reception’s cosy ambiance made us forget just how cold it was outside!

The effect was largely accomplished through the centrepieces: tinned candles amongst artfully arranged mounds of pinecones and cranberries.

Tinned candles evoke a warm atmosphere.

At the main table Stacy opted for an extra touch of elegance, surrounding the candles with white phalaenopsis orchids and bundled bouquets of eucharis lilies, interspersed with red roses to play off the cranberry red present on the other tables. With such a charming, glowing array, how could we not feel warm inside?


Holiday cheer

Another option is to evoke the season with classic holiday centrepieces. One easy and eye-catching centrepiece is clear bowls full of brightly coloured, reflective Christmas ornaments, which are sure to dazzle when exposed to light.

Another clever idea I saw at a recent winter wedding was a centrepiece composed of his and her nutcrackers, painted to look like the happy couple, posed at the centre of each table.

Whatever your choice, simply remember that winter wedding centrepiece success depends on picking a theme and sticking to it. Whether you go with flowers, candles or ornaments, keep them within the overall colour scheme you’ve chosen to keep things pleasantly paired throughout.

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