Choosing amongst the most popular wedding themes

Last Sunday I was having brunch with my cousin Tanya when she revealed the big news: her boyfriend Kevin had finally popped the question! After the hugs and toasts we got down to serious matters: Tanya’s wedding theme.

“Theme?”, she asked. “Is that really necessary?” Yes. The theme is the element that winds through the event and brings it all together, from location to the colour to flowers and food. Grasping the importance of the matter, Tanya was struck dumb but, fortunately, I’ve been to enough weddings to give her a run-through of some of the best themes.

Decorate you wedding according to your theme

Decorate you wedding according to your theme

Classic chic or natural charm?

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale wedding? That classic look is what my friend Lucy went with at her wedding. A refined colour scheme of navy blue, silver and black perfectly played off her full-skirted wedding dress, and the venue, the ballroom in a Victorian hotel, allowed her to be a princess for a day.

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day?

My sister Beth went the other way when she got married a few years ago, opting for a relaxed, outdoor wedding. After the ceremony –in a field with great views of the Hampshire countryside–, guests headed to tents and dined surrounded by nature. Long tables with simple, gingham covers, and a buffet-style meal created a communal sensation that made it all feel especially intimate.


Seasonal classics

Another option is to theme weddings around the seasons in which they are held. Zelda, a friend from high school, celebrated an unforgettable winter affair where the colour scheme of dark brown and copper played off delicate, glass ‘ice’ centrepieces. My colleague Sarah, meanwhile, held it in the summer with a cheerful, white and blue nautical theme, a nod to the wedding’s seaside venue.

Whatever theme one goes with, it’s important to keep in mind that while there are some specific, general themes, each couple can make them their own to the point where each wedding is totally unique. Be creative and feel free to take an idea and make it all your own.

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