Making the most of your guest book

Guest books are a must at wedding receptions. These volumes provide a space for the couple’s friends and family to jot down words of hope and goodwill. While you can always go with the classic set-up: a large, blank book positioned on a table by the venue’s main entrance, how can you give such an ‘institutional’ item special flare?

Here some ideas of creative ways your guests can leave messages to the new Mr. & Mrs.

Here some ideas of creative ways your guests can leave messages to the new Mr. & Mrs.


Something different

For starters, keep in mind that guest books don’t have to be books at all. My friend Shoshanna is an artist, so when she got married the planner came up with a great way to give her profession a nod by setting out a large canvas upon which guests could write (or draw!) their messages for the happy couple.

That visual theme turned up again at my workmate Henry’s wedding, where I saw an equally original spin on the idea that I found brilliant. Instead of a classic guest book, the couple set out a large photo album, a Polaroid camera and an array of pens, letting guests visually capture the moment forever.


Stick to your theme

Another great way to customise your guest book is to pair it with your wedding theme. At a recent, travel-themed ceremony the couple laid out a beautiful, antique world map upon which guests were encouraged to write messages close to their favourite global locations.

Now that locations are mentioned, don’t forget that destination weddings can also provide great ways to be original. The other day I was looking at pictures from Chuck star Zachary Levi’s wedding to Missy Peregrym on a romantic beach in Hawaii. It would have been a perfect opportunity to go with something different, abandoning crisp white pages for, say, a basket full of stones or large seashells that guests can write brief messages upon!

You can later use the basket of shells to decorate your home!

Stones, cameras, canvases, maps… or even things like baggage labels, musical instruments, bottles… Nearly everything can serve to capture the moment! Don’t be afraid to be original, and simply make sure that you have lots of extra pens and markers so that everyone can get in on the fun!

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