A pearl themed 30th wedding anniversary

The test of time is a hard one to resist, and for that reason all major wedding anniversaries deserve a special celebration. When I found out that my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Roger would be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this year, I knew we had to go all out in order to properly commemorate the occasion. Peggy was clear on the venue: the same banquet hall where they held their wedding reception three decades ago; but unsure about the décor. After all, the gaudy 80’s colour scheme they used the first time around was hardly suitable! Fortunately, the anniversary’s traditional symbol, pearls, was ideal for selecting the right colours and look to make this an affair to remember!

Pearl decor

Pearl decor


Bright and shining

Given the 30th anniversary is traditionally known as the ‘Pearl Anniversary’, I knew we had to go with a general colour scheme involving white, grey and silver. The tables were covered with white cotton tablecloths topped with grey silk table runners, which matched beautifully with the silver plates and the mother-of-pearl inlaid silverware. Following the pearl theme, we went with nautical touches for the centrepiece: round fish bowls filled with large oyster shells and fake, over-sized pearls which glittered under the lights. The columns were strung with long swaths of silver fabric, while strings of pearls crossed the ceiling and dangled playfully from the chandeliers, creating quite the decadent touch. The guests were delighted, especially when dinner began with oysters as an appetiser!



Going the distance

Feel free to play about with faux pearl elements. If the nautical references aren’t your style, remember that the great thing about pearls is that they also imply elegance, and there’s no theme more universal than that of good taste. Another option is to play up the reference to the three decades shared together with centrepiece items grouped in that number, or to simply opt for decorations highlighting events from the past thirty years. Raise a toast to the couple: they’ve gone the distance together!

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