Adding colour to a winter wedding

What a hectic season summer has been! I’ve had every weekend booked with wedding after wedding. It seems as if people don’t get married at any other time of the year! While I love a summertime wedding, I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m personally obsessed with winter weddings.

Winter makes a beautiful backdrop.

Winter makes a beautiful backdrop.

Why do I love weddings that take place when the weather is cooler? Well, besides the practical perks (less competition for venues and vendors) and the endless fashion choices, winter weddings come with one singularly ideal advantage: any colour palette can work. The freedom this selective diversity provides means that you can take the wedding in all sorts of fun directions, ensuring a unique production every single time.


Matching your surroundings

In addition to great natural light, winter also implies dramatic natural surroundings, with a mix of colours that appears but once a year. Channel that natural beauty in your colour schemes and pattern your wedding in accordance with the landscapes all around you.

One elegant and dramatic colour scheme for this season is black and white, particularly suited for evening weddings during snowy periods. Should that be too stark for your taste, why not evoke the ice with a medley of blues, silvers and whites? It’s a way to keep things both colourful and light, while simultaneously acknowledging the season.

Want something darker? A mix of chocolate browns, subdued blues, tans and greys reflect the foliage and the mystery of winter. The combination options abound!


Seasonal glee

At a December wedding I attended last year the designer decided to work with classic holiday themes when establishing the palette. She played with visions of tinsel and holiday cheer, with elegant combinations of gold and silver, adding a touch of class to the event.

In this vein, another way you can subtly channel Christmas cheer is with combinations of red and white. It adds a playful touch to your décor, and the peppermint flare is sure to make guests feel warm and fuzzy, combining wedding cheer with the childhood excitement that comes near Christmas.


What colours would you use in a winter wedding?