2014’s trendiest wedding colour schemes

While classic schemes are nice, a fresh burst of hues add special flare to a nuptial… that is why I’m so excited about the colours that are trending this year! Classic, black and white, gold and silver themes are out at the hipper weddings, with the hottest couples opting for vibrant bursts of navy blue, pink and coral instead!

By adding these hues to your gowns, invitations and decorations you, too, can evoke the new and give your upcoming event extra pizazz. Let’s review how to combine these exciting colour schemes.

Love the use of bright colours!

Love the use of bright colours!

Think pink

If you’re tired of boring mixes, 2014 is your year to think pink! This trend was set off by The Big Bang actress Kelly Cuoco, who wore a stunning hot pink wedding gown earlier this year. The colour pink adds a fun touch of whimsy to the event and is surprisingly easy to coordinate.

Doesn’t she look great?

Go for a bright, berry theme and combine it with purple and blue for an eclectic look, which can be carried to the next level in centrepiece flower arrangements or playful combinations of bridesmaid bouquets. Another option is to keep things tight by contrasting the pink’s brightness with copper and black, which can have an especially eye-popping effect on wedding invitations.

Seaside vibes

Other hit colours this season have been navy blue, favoured by a number of grooms this year, including Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and coral.

The great thing about navy blue is that it goes with everything and always looks sleek. Consider pairing it with gold and white for a classic, streamlined look that can be enhanced by adding an Art Deco theme to evoke the golden age of nautical travel throughout your event.

Coral, meanwhile, evokes the laid-back beauty of the tropics. With such a charming colour, keep it simple. Limit yourself to peach hues and white to project warmth, or to a mix of teal and light blue to recall the ocean’s peaceful serenity, for a perfect combination.

This is your year. Keep your look young and vibrant with these modern colours, which are sure to make your special day visually unforgettable!

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