Add a touch of vintage to your wedding invitations

Let’s face it. A wedding starts with the invitations. I love opening up that envelope since it gives me an idea of how the day is going to turn out. In my experience, couples that really make an effort with their invitation, often end up throwing the most splendid weddings!

Adding a bit of vintage charm to your wedding is becoming more and more popular as it is an easy way to create a relaxed atmosphere. Even though the invitations and reception are months apart, why not let your invitations reflect the upcoming party? By playing around with paper, fonts and decorations, you can come a long way in terms of setting the tone for the day and pump up the expectations of the guests.


A good invitation normally means a great party!


The devil is in the details

From 1920’s extravagance a la Leo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby to 1950’s fun fair a la Grease, there are a lot of different vintage looks and feels to choose from. Still, when it comes to invitations, there are some over-all guidelines to keep in mind.

For a general vintage look, stay away from bright colours; soft hues are your friends. As for the shape – remember that there are options! While most people go for the traditional square one, I once got a pennant shaped invitation (striped in light yellow), and another one in the form of a black and white post card from the bride and groom, sent from the location of the reception.

Unless you know someone with excellent penmanship, one of the most important invitation components apart from the actual content, is finding a suitable font. Playing around with several font types and sizes is a simple way to add that vintage feel.

To really set your invitations apart, style them with materials such as lace, pearls and string. As a general rule, the simpler the base, the more decorations you can use. Sometimes the cut of the paper and the font are decoration enough.

Ribbons make good decorations as well.

Last but not least, don’t forget the envelope! It’s all about building that wedding day suspense…

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