From boring to brilliant – three ideas for a memorable first dance

Ahh, the first dance. Dinner is over, you have hopefully had something to eat (and not too much to drink), and now it is time for you and your groom to take to the floor and start off an amazing party. Can’t agree on a song? Can’t waltz to save your life? Below are three tips to help make your first dance both original and enjoyable:


The mash-up

Who said the first dance had to be just one song? My friend and her fiancé could not agree on a song and ended up dancing to a one-of-a-kind remix, with three of their favourite songs perfectly blended into one.


The routine

I admit, this is not for everyone (myself included). But if you and your new spouse have even a remote sense of rhythm and do not cringe at the idea of a synchronized dance routine in front of an audience, nothing will get the crowd cheering like a choreographed number by the newlyweds. And hey, if you were planning on spending money on dance lessons, why not choose to learn something different like tap or a swing dance?

A routine your guests will never forget


The talented friend

Let’s face it; the majority of us cannot afford hiring Lana del Rey for the evening. But while the Kardashian/West option may be out of reach, most of us know someone with a decent set of pipes or have friends that play instruments and would be happy to be a part of your special day. Instead of performing in the church, have your friends interpret your favourite song!

Lana del Rey

Whatever you choose to do for your first dance, I wholeheartedly recommend inviting the wedding guests to share the floor with you at some point. In the crowd you can escape the limelight, and be just the two of you, right there, in the moment. Those precious minutes of intimacy will be just what you need after a crazy day, and before dancing an even crazier night away.

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