The perks of wedding cupcakes

Ever since I had my first red velvet cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road some 10 years ago, I have been absolutely obsessed with these heavenly treats. While the intense cupcake craze might be over, leaving room for more trendy sweets like macaroons and cronuts, there is no denying that these delicious baked goods are here to stay. Simply put: despite their somewhat declining trend factor, everyone from Suri Cruise to Rihanna loves a good cupcake.

Their universal appeal makes cupcakes a perfect alternative to a traditional wedding cake, and there is no saying they can’t be just as sophisticated. When it comes to flavour, possibilities are endless. There is nothing wrong with a tasty carrot cupcake, but why not try something more unusual such as cardamom or lavender flavoured ones? Cupcakes will also give you the option to include more than one flavour if you and your hubby-to-be do not have the same idea about the perfect cake for your wedding. Lemon or chocolate? No worries, just serve both!

Just one example of a sophisticated cupcake


Get creative!

Opting for cupcakes also provides an excellent opportunity to be creative with both decoration and presentation. Decorate them with your initials or have the colour of the frosting mirror the colour scheme chosen for the reception. Recently I attended the wedding where the bride and the groom, both obsessed with Dalmatians and owners of three, served black and white cupcakes presented in the shape of, you’ve guessed it, a giant Dalmatian. I’m not saying this is for everyone (or even most people), but it shows just how unconventional you can be in terms of presentation.

What about cutting the cake? Well, if you don’t want to miss out on this tradition, place your cupcakes on a traditional cake tower, and simply include a small traditional cake to cut into on the very top. Perhaps this could be shaped like a giant cupcake too?

There’s that giant cupcake

If this sounds like something for you, my only advice would be to make sure there are plenty of cupcakes to go around – you are definitely going to need them…

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