Muslim wedding ideas

After everything I learned about Indian weddings, I decided to look into Muslim ones. Considering that there are almost 50 countries where the majority of the population is Muslim and over one billion Muslims across the globe, there is of course no single way to hold a Muslim wedding. A few elements are however the same within the Muslim world.

The actual Muslim wedding ceremony is called Nikah – a simple, private affair, involving only the immediate families. During this ceremony, the bride and groom sign a drawn-up wedding contract, stating consent and defining the mahr (a sort of financial security for the bride from the groom) and any prenuptial conditions. No religious official is necessary, but often an Imam is present to perform the ceremony.

The Nikah is usually followed by a wedding celebration, or walima, to announce that the couple are entitled to each other. Walima comes from the Arabic word walam, which means to gather people together. Depending on the country the walima takes many forms, grand or simple, separated by gender or integrated.

King Mohammed VI and Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco on their wedding day

King Mohammed VI and Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco on their wedding day


Spotlight: Morocco

So what are examples of some wedding traditions in a Muslim country? Morocco, where effortlessly chic Poppy Delevigne’s dreamy boho wedding took place, has some good ones!

Poppy Delevingne1’s wedding dress

First of all, to make sure that the couple will look their absolute best during their wedding, a Moroccan bride is always surrounded by Neggafateswedding planners whose task is to help combine style and fashion with a traditional touch. A mandatory wedding mastermind? I’ll have one of those please!

In addition, two days before the wedding, the bride goes to a traditional Moroccan hammam with her girl friends and relatives as an act of purification. A spa day with your best friends? Don’t mind if I do!

Last but not the least; throughout the Moroccan walima, the bride changes outfits up to seven (!) different times, often with a stunning white wedding dress as her last choice. For me, picking that one wedding dress was really stressful, so being encouraged to have additional outfits definitely would have been an advantage…

How about it, feel like going a bit Moroccan on your wedding day?


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