Treats to eat – edible wedding favours

Last weekend, I attended a wedding which I, to be honest, did not have high hopes for. It was the wedding of my husband’s rather distant colleague, and I knew I would not know more than a couple of other guests. I am happy to say that I was proven completely wrong! Turns out, the bride’s best friend and maid of honour is a wedding planner (lucky, lucky her) and I don’t think I have ever been to such a meticulously planned reception – the tiniest detail had a thought behind it. For me, the absolute best thing of the night was the amazing, and I mean truly amazing, edible wedding favours we got to take home when the party was over.

I love edible wedding favours!

I love edible wedding favours!


Sure, I have been given edible things such as monogrammed cookies before, but this was something else. In line with the summer garden theme of the wedding, each guest got a basket with all the necessary elements for a romantic picnic – including home-made lemonade, a loaf of artisan bread, small heart-shaped strawberry tartlets, and chocolate pralines (which I may or may not have ended up eating in the mini-cab on my way home, whilst for some reason pretending I was Elizabeth Taylor).

Romantic and delicious!


Make it last

While not all couples can afford to go all out like this, less elaborate options can be equally unique if you choose to treat your guest to edible wedding favours. Why not choose the less obvious route and give away treats that will last them a little longer? Take individual rosemary plants for example – your guests won’t be able to snack on it straight away, but rosemary symbolizes fidelity, smells amazing, and comes in handy when you’re throwing together a roast chicken. Another idea is to create a unique tea blend, of course representing you and your fiancé, which will remind your guests about the day every time they pour a cuppa.

Think about it; isn’t it such a nice way to have the most important days of your life live on for a little longer?

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