Wedding reception games – wanna play?

This summer I went to three weddings, and two of them actually had some sort of game element during the reception. I am usually not very keen on participating in these types of things, but I ended up having a lot of fun and getting to know the other guests much better! I wonder if George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had games in their wedding… although I doubt it!

Having games is an easy way to injection some fun in your reception

Having games is an easy way to injection some fun in your reception

Short and simple

The key to a fun wedding reception is to make sure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. Adding some games is one way of throwing a bone to the non-dancers. To create a welcoming atmosphere I would stay away from individual projects and focus on table games and group activities.

Having board games part of the table decoration is an easy way to make your guests bond. As an added bonus, it will encourage people to move around and mingle after the dinner to check out what other games there are. Just make sure that the games don’t take forever or require much explanation. A three hour game of Monopoly might not be the best for a wedding reception. Intuitive but engaging games such as Jenga or Connect Four are better suited.

If you have an outdoor wedding, why not set up some garden games, which can be played both before and after the dinner? Old school ring toss or croquet are easy to prepare and will entertain everyone regardless of age. It is also relatively harmless even with some alcohol involved, as opposed to something like darts… A ping pong table is another fun option!

Make use of all the space in your venue!

Last but not least, my favourite: bride and groom trivia. This requires a little more preparation, but believe me, it’s worth it! Before the dinner, have people divided into teams, and let them answer tricky questions about you, your other half and your relationship. Collect your guests’ responses and then share the right answers and the story behind them during the dessert. Laughs all around are guaranteed!

I know there are people still sceptical about wedding reception games, but after my experiences this summer I am a true believer in the power of games to bring two families together. Anyone fancy a round of Jenga?

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