You can over think things



My fiancé and I put a great deal of time and effort into selecting our invitations, despite trying to be decisive. I carried out several internet searches on the best wording for civil ceremony weddings/guest song requests/no children allowed. My fiancé spent an entire evening playing around with the invitation font, colours and spacing. This may sound a little obsessive to some. I even did several drafts of my handwriting for the envelopes.

Despite all of this, we still managed to send out invites without the full date on. Inviting guests to join us for our wedding on the 3rd January. Let’s hope they turn up this January and not January 2016! Even more laughable we omitted to include an address to go along with the venue name. Here’s hoping there’s only one Warwick House.

I realise these invitation gaffs highlight our stupidity, but it just goes to show with so many things to consider and so many ways in which things can go awry, it’s just not worth over thinking it all to much. Better to learn to laugh at it all; and hope your guests turn up on the right date at the right venue.

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