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Flick of the hair

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05 Nov 14

Go classic with a chignon

The chignon has made a real fashion comeback and is a favourite of brides across the country. But isn’t it just a glorified bun I hear you ask?! Well yes, a chignon and a bun are both updos, but in my view a chignon can look more glamorous and is a softer style for most face shapes. It’s a hot red carpet look for celebrities like actress Kate Beckinsale. Here’s how to create the perfect chignon for your wedding day! The versatile chignon My first question to any bride-to-be who wants to rock a chignon on her big day is: what kind of headdress or veil are you going to wear? Depending on the answer, you can either go for a classic chignon, sweeping the hair back and away from the face, or a side version.  What I love about either look is that it’s easy and quick to do. […]

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08 Oct 14

The best hairstyles for your bridesmaids

Choosing the best hairstyles for your bridesmaids used to be a relatively easy task! Their role was to maintain the overall look of the wedding party and the choice was either a ballerina bun or a sleek bob depending on hair length. These days, brides come into my salon looking for edgier styles for their attendants.  Anything goes, from boho waves to curly ponytails. My advice?  Make sure that your bridesmaid’s hairdo suits her age, personality and dress. And don’t let her coiffure steal your thunder on the big day! Harmonious hairstyles If you just have one bridesmaid, perhaps your sister or best friend, then it’s easier to create a look which works for both of you. Remember how Pippa Middleton’s tumbling, loose curls perfectly matched the Duchess of Cambridge’s elegant, demi-chignon when she followed her sister down the aisle to wed Prince William? If your sole bridesmaid is a teenager, a […]

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06 Oct 14

The elegance of a ponytail

Most of us think of a ponytail as a casual hairstyle – a quick style to fix for your morning run or for lazing on the beach! But a couple of my clients have recently asked me to create their wedding hairdo based on a ponytail. One is even having hair extensions to get Cheryl Cole’s Cannes look. What I’ve found is that a chic ponytail can be the perfect complement for a stunning wedding dress and accessories. Sleek or braided tails The advantage of wearing a sleek pony for your big day is that you can glam it up with diamante or pearl clips to match your jewellery.  You can really rock a low-back, fitted wedding dress if you pull your hair back into a Kim Kardashian ponytail.   Or you can choose a braid, like tennis star Novak Djokovic’s bride Jelena Ristic.  Her wavy, side ponytail looked gorgeous […]

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01 Oct 14

Wedding hairstyles for your tiara

A tiara has always been a popular headpiece with brides and not just royal ones! It can be a romantic add-on to your bridal look, but you need the right hairstyle to maximise the effect. My tip to clients who come to my salon is: to showcase a tiara, the hair must be styled to look elegant and not overdone. The Duchess of Cambridge got it right on her wedding day, choosing a demi-chignon to frame her Cartier diamond tiara.   Top knots or flowing curls Tiaras generally work better if you have long hair – whether you pile it up in a classic top knot or leave it to cascade over your shoulders. One option is to sleek all your hair back and make a French twist. This chic 1960s style is the perfect complement for an extravagant tiara. If you want a softer look, then choose an up-do […]

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24 Sep 14

The sweetest hairstyles for your sweetheart dress

My clients often tell me that they’d like the best wedding day hairstyle to go with their dress. While it really depends on the overall look and style of the bride, I always have a few recommendations in mind, especially for my favourite neckline of all: the sweetheart.   Swept back Pulling your hair all the way up is my personal favourite for brides with a sweetheart neckline. This season I suggest that brides go for the most romantic up-do of all: the chignon which rests at the nape of the neck. For an even more romantic look, tie in a French braid or twist. If you want something simpler, look to the swept back look of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott’s bride at their wedding in 2013, whose basic up-do ensured all eyes were on her dress, along with her exposed collarbone, shoulders and neck.   Show off your locks […]

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17 Sep 14

Autumn wedding hairstyles for guests

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that wedding season is. As autumn weddings become increasingly popular, more and more clients are coming into my salon asking about the trendy hairstyles for wedding guests this season. Ballerina buns Whether you’re going for an elegant, polished look or something more along the lines of ‘carefully dishevelled’, a ballerina inspired high bun can be styled a number of different ways to suit the tastes of any wedding attendee.  For a more formal affair, sleek all of your hair back.  While guests attending rustic, autumn themed weddings can go for a messy bun with some pieces of hair left down and placed carefully around the face. Tie in another hot fall trend by parting your hair directly down the centre.   Braids and twists This trend was seen at weddings all throughout the summer and it looks like it’s going to continue […]

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10 Sep 14

Say yes to hair extensions

Hair extensions are a popular trend these days amongst brides searching for a picture perfect wedding hairstyle. However, many brides don’t consider the extra prep and research that’s called for when committing to hair extensions.   Creating your dream hair After flipping through hairstyle magazines for months, you’ve finally chosen your wedding hair. You want to follow this season’s trend of leaving your hair down and wavy, like celebrity bride Kate Moss, but your hair barely touches your shoulders. For brides looking to add extra length, hair extensions can be just the answer. Most brides opt for permanent hair extensions, which are glued, woven or braided in by a professional and can last for months. They are also a great option for brides with naturally thin hair who want to add some extra volume; as well as those who have their eyes set on an up-do that requires longer, thicker […]

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08 Sep 14

Hairstyles for long haired brides

Truth be told, long hair really is much more versatile than short hair when it comes to wedding hairstyles.  But sometimes there are just too many to choose from. My first question to clients is: up-do, down, or half-up style?   Up-do’s for long locks Despite the glamour factor, long hair can get in your way during your big day. Keep it off your face by choosing an up-do. With so much hair to work with, the options are almost endless. If you’ve got ultra-long locks consider the classic bun with a braid wrapped around it. A romantic chignon resting at the nape of your neck is always an elegant choice among brides.  If you want to keep your hair out of your face, but still show off its length, consider going for a fishtail braid.   Let your hair down Brides going for a more glamorous or princess look […]

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03 Sep 14

Vintage hair inspiration for your wedding day

I’ve always been a huge fan of the book The Great Gatsby which is why I was so excited when it made it to the big screen and brides started coming into my salon requesting hairstyles they’d seen in the movie. In my mind, nothing makes a bride look more glamorous than a 1920s inspired hairstyle. Who says you can’t repeat the past? Hollywood starlets have been seen gracing the red carpet the past year sporting a number of different hairstyles reminiscent of the 1920s. To look like you’ve stepped out of a black and white film, brides with short hair can opt for finger and marcel waves, which offer a look of refined elegance. If you have a short bob haircut, consider foregoing waves and curls and leaving it structured and straight like actress Carey Mulligan did as Daisy in The Great Gatsby film. Brides with longer hair can […]

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27 Aug 14

Wedding hairstyle help for short hair

Many of my bridal clients with short hair come into my salon feeling obligated to wear hair extensions on their wedding day. They’re always delighted to hear that you can still have a stellar wedding hairstyle without flowing locks.   Classic vintage Retro-inspired hairstyles are all the rage this season and a great option for brides wanting to up the glamour factor. Create a classic Hollywood look with pin curls, or keep your fringe out of your face with a victory curl. Check out Mad Men star January Jones’ sculpted curls at the 2012 Oscar after-party to see an example of how to create a retro look with short hair.   The versatile bob To create a sleek, chic look, brides with chin-length hair can skip the fuss and go for a blowout and flat iron. In order to make their wedding day hair more special many brides add a fringe. […]

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