The ballerina bun for your wedding hair

I’ve been a hairstylist for almost ten years, and when asked which styles I recommend for weddings, the ballerina bun is top of my list. It’s a gorgeous and classy up-do that’s also really convenient. With all the merriment that occurs on a wedding day, who wants to be bothered with flowing hair? Even less so when it’s hot!

With your hair in a bun, you won’t have to worry


Ways to rock it

For a bohemian bride, I suggest Elle Fanning’s ballerina bun at the Maleficent costume and props reception. She wore it with flowers and a long ribbon, which I totally recommend for any new bride, especially if it’s decorated with fresh flowers like roses. It’s a creative idea that will complement almost any wedding gown, but it’s best for those with an intricate neckline; be it a high collar or strapless. A strapless wedding dress will elegantly reveal your shoulders, and produce a look of sophisticated innocence. My client Jenny wore a transparent long sleeved Pronovias dress with a ballerina bun to her wedding, and it looked fabulous. The bun highlighted the dress and created a look of pure royalty.


The beauty of the ballerina bun

Like any bun, the fuller, the better. The fullness of your ballerina bun will accentuate your eyes, shoulders and cheekbones. You can accessorize by wearing extravagant earrings or necklaces (just pick one!) to create a stunning and captivating look. The ballerina bun can be worn in different ways. Loose, braided, with a straight or curly fringe, or adorned with jewels, to name a few. I personally like them with interlaced flowers.

Go for a full bun like Katy Perry

Aside from making you look great, the bun is supposed to keep your hair out of your face for your wedding activities. If you’d like to make it jazzier, have a talk with your wedding hairstylist to determine the best way for you to wear the bun for your big day.

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