DIY wedding hairstyle: buns

Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez wear her ‘mega’ bun? Personally, I like it. It’s full, dramatic, glamorous, and oozing with sophistication – a great hairstyle for your wedding! Now, there are many ways to wear buns: full and glamorous, messy, braided, or slicked. It doesn’t matter how you wear them, you’ll always look put together!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

I’ve been fixing buns for years. Funnily enough, I started on my grandmother, and in my apprenticeship years, I was always assigned to do the buns. I never escaped all those days of doing grandma’s hair because my clients always come back and refer me to people wanting elegant up-do’s. Today, I’ve decided to share how to do a bun at home. With enough practice, it can be the perfect wedding hairstyle! A wedding gift from me to you.


Let’s get started

Firstly, the true beauty of the bun is the fullness, so it’s best for you ladies who have at least 30 centimetres of hair. I’ll teach you the basics, then you can experiment more as you get better. You will need an old (and clean!) sock or the bun doughnuts they sell at Claire’s and H&M. Make sure that they’re almost the same colour as your hair. You’ll also need hair spray, hairgrip, and a hair tie.

Begin by applying hair spray and back combing your hair to give it volume. Brush your hair into a ponytail, placing it either on the top of your head or the lower back. This depends on your mood or the look you want to achieve. Having it on the top of your head is trendy while the lower back is classic. Now, get your sock and cut the toe portion out. Roll it up and put it on the base of your ponytail passing all your hair through it. Bring the sock to the end of your ponytail then tuck and roll it down your hair as slowly and neatly as possible. Once you reach the base, secure it with hairgrips placed in various positions.


Wedding buns

The finishing touches

If it wasn’t easy for you the first time, don’t worry! Just keep practising and you will eventually be comfortable with using a sock or hair doughnut to do your bun. Once you’ve become an expert, you can play around with the different styles to see which would best suit you for your wedding.

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