Natural tips on growing out your hair for your wedding

Perhaps you have a Cara Delevingne style in mind for your wedding, and you want to grow out your locks. No worries! Although growing out your hair requires work, you’ve come to a good source. It’s been interesting working with various clients who were growing out their hair. Some did it for travel, or film productions and others just did it for a change. You’re doing it for your wedding, so I’m going to make this extra informative and special for all brides to be.

Cara Delevingne’s luscious locks


The mind-set

Firstly, I advise that you give yourself at least twelve months. This requires commitment.You’re growing your hair out, and you’ll have to be patient, which is how you should be for every successful venture in life, even your marriage.  So please, no rushing.


Good health

Long and healthy hair is a reflection of your diet.  Hair growth involves a healthy lifestyle.  Start out by increasing the protein.  Greek yogurt and fish are a few examples of natural protein sources.  And yes, you’re going to have to cut out the pastries.  Sugar breaks down collagen and affects your skin and overall health.


External factors

Washing your hair everyday is not recommended at all.  It can strip your hair of all those natural oils you need to aid in its growth. Try washing every two days, and incorporate a deep conditioning regimen. Fresh eggs, avocado pears or aloe vera leaves are excellent and cost effective deep conditioning options. Also, try to avoid heat and blow drying.  Instead, comb out your hair when wet, and treat with coconut, olive or argon oil.

Comb hair when wet

Don’t underestimate the power of a nice daily head massage, and tying your hair up. This allows circulation and oxygen to stimulate those follicles.  Trust me; it will give you a fantastic growth boost.

With these basic tips, you’re on your way to the look you’ve imagined.   Just keep in mind that your hair is an extension of your body, and it needs to be well nourished, just like your soon-to-be marriage!

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