Up or down? Your wedding day hair

The big day is approaching, and you’ve been planning big time. Please don’t stress yourself.  With a little homework and professional guidance, it will all pay off. As the salon owner and principal stylist of We Love to Design Hair Studio, I have a few insider tips that will perfect your plans.

Wedding hairstyles


The choice is yours

You may have started getting ideas for your dress and are questioning what to do with your hair. Don’t worry. That’s a good and normal process. A recent and memorable client, Chloe, was a soon to be bride that knew her dress style since her teenage years. For someone like that, selecting their hairstyle is easy because they know exactly what they want. Now, not everyone is a Chloe, but the more that you know about your look, the better. Your choices are what make up your wedding, and knowing your style is an important element to dressing your best, especially on your wedding day.


Things to consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure absolute perfection. Simplicity and balance is the key in just about everything we do. As a professional hair dresser for over fifteen years, I’ve seen the coming and going of trends, but there’s one trend that never goes away: the classic simplicity. Wearing a long sleeved or ornately designed dress is best with classic and simple hairstyles. If you’re wearing cascading curls, please don’t include a tiara. A spaghetti strap dress looks good with soft waves or loose and flowing up-do’s. Strapless dresses compliment up-do’s or half-up/half-down hairstyles, and big ball gowns demand dramatic up-do’s. Recently, I’ve been meeting a lot of soon to be brides interested in the modern look. If that’s what you want, a sleek look, or something exotic and sexy pin up, a ponytail that resembles Kim Kardashian‘s can also do the trick.

Kim Kardashian

The option to wear it up or down is ultimately yours. Personal stylists can only suggest ideas. I advise keeping the dress and environment in mind and trying your best to keep it classy. By doing so, you eliminate the possible last minute wedding frenzy that I’ve seen many times over the years.

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