Hairstyles for your backless wedding dress

Backless dresses have been all the rage on the red carpet the past couple of years and many of my clients have been inspired to showcase this fashion trend at their own weddings. I’ve got the following words of wisdom for them on how to choose the best hairstyle to show off their wedding dress.

Some examples of beautiful backless wedding dresses

Some examples of beautiful backless wedding dresses



Don’t compete with your dress

Avoid the risk of competing with your dress by choosing a hairstyle that complements it. For a backless dress, keep in mind that the purpose of this style is to show off your back so you don’t want your hair to be completely covering it. In order to keep an overall classy look while showing off a lot of skin, I suggest an elegant up-do such as a bun or chignon; or consider a bun-braid hybrid like the one Carrie Underwood wore with her backless dress at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Carrie Underwood at the Grammy Awards


Playing peek-a-boo

Another option that can heighten the attractiveness of a backless dress, especially if it’s a really plunging one, is to keep your hair partially down. Half up-half down hairdos will never go out of style for brides who want to show off their long, luxurious locks on their wedding day. This option is versatile, offering you the choice to drape your hair over your shoulder for some of the photos. My personal preference is to curl your hair, but many brides prefer to avoid the fuss and leave it straight.



Short haired brides

With short hair, you’ve got no choice but to show off your entire back. To balance the suggestive, sexy look of a backless dress I’d recommend going for a romantic hairstyle like loose waves or a front braid. And if you’ve got a pixie cut, look to Anne Hathaway at the 2013 Oscars for reassurance that this simple hairstyle is just what you need to complement a plunging backless dress.

Anne Hathaway at the Oscars

By carefully choosing the hairstyle to complement your backless wedding dress, you’re sure to have all eyes on you, and your back, on your wedding day.

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