Summer wedding hairstyles for the guests

It’s not only brides that come into my salon looking for advice on how to have the best wedding day hair. Many of my clients are wedding guests wanting to stand out amongst the other attendees. If you are going to a summer wedding, here is my expert advice on the best hairstyles this season.

The bride may be the star of the show, but you have to look good too!

The bride may be the star of the show, but you have to look good too!


A formal affair?

The first question I ask my clients is how formal the wedding is going to be. A garden or beach wedding calls for an entirely different ‘do than one that will start in a sophisticated cathedral and end in a five-star hotel. If it’s a black-tie event, I’d stick with an elegant look reminiscent of the 30’s or 40’s or a sleek bun. But don’t choose a style that’s so glamorous it upstages the bride!


Letting your hair down

A lot of my clients assume that they have to go with an up-do in order to look put together and chic for the wedding. They often overlook other options that can be just as elegant and classy. If the guest has curly or wavy hair, it can be the perfect moment to flat iron it. Likewise, those with straight hair can spice up their look by adding waves or curls. This advice stands true even for those guests with shorter, bobbed hair. I love the classy, yet casual, look of Kate Hudson’s side-swept waves at the 2013 Tiffany Blue Ball.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson


Summer inspired up-do’s

Up-do’s offer endless options: low, mid height, high, buns, chignons, French twists or even a French braid. They work really well for summer weddings held in warmer climates where you want to look good and stay cool. This season, windswept up-do’s are especially in style, offering a breezy, outdoorsy look. My clients sometimes look to Scarlett Johansson’s hair at the 2012 Avenger’s premiere for inspiration when going for a summer-inspired up-do.

She looks fresh and beautiful!

It’s an honour to be invited to someone’s wedding. With these tips, you’ll be sure to have fun and look good!

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