Getting the most out of your wedding hair trial

Many brides choose to save money on their wedding by foregoing the hair trial. This is a huge mistake! I’ve had plenty of brides come into my salon after a failed trial with a stylist that came highly recommended to them. Read on for some tips for what to expect from your hair trial and how to get the most for your money.

Your wedding hair trial is very important!

Your wedding hair trial is very important!


Get to know your stylist

The hair trial offers you the chance to see how well you get along with the stylist. Do you enjoy being around him/her? Can you easily communicate with them?  How do they respond to your critiques and comments? Do you both share the same vision for your bridal hairstyle? Be sure to be explicit and assertive when it comes to what you’ve envisioned for your hair.


Keep your budget in mind

No bride should ever skip the hair trial, but it’s also important to make sure that both the styling session on the big day, as well as the trial run, fit into your wedding budget. Some things that can influence the pricing are having the stylist come to the location of the wedding, having the bridal party get their hair done too, or having the stylist stay on hand to touch up your hair for pictures.


Bring visuals

By providing photos of decorations, your dress, and bouquet, you’ll help the stylist get an idea of the wedding of your dreams, and thus, the hairstyle of your dreams. Also, if you’ve got a specific hairstyle in mind, please bring in a photo! Just because you’ve been drooling over Kelly Clarkson’s bridal up-do for the past couple years, doesn’t mean your stylist has seen it before. And if you’ll be wearing a headpiece, don’t forget to bring it with you so you can get the full picture of how you’ll look on your big day.

Kelly Clarkson on her wedding day

If you follow these tips, your trial run is going do just what it’s meant to: ensure that you look your very best on your wedding day!

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