Hairstyles for long haired brides

Truth be told, long hair really is much more versatile than short hair when it comes to wedding hairstyles.  But sometimes there are just too many to choose from. My first question to clients is: up-do, down, or half-up style?

Braids are a popular choice for long-haired brides.

Braids are a popular choice for long-haired brides.


Up-do’s for long locks

Despite the glamour factor, long hair can get in your way during your big day. Keep it off your face by choosing an up-do. With so much hair to work with, the options are almost endless. If you’ve got ultra-long locks consider the classic bun with a braid wrapped around it. A romantic chignon resting at the nape of your neck is always an elegant choice among brides.  If you want to keep your hair out of your face, but still show off its length, consider going for a fishtail braid.


Let your hair down

Brides going for a more glamorous or princess look can leave their hair down. Be part of this season’s vintage trend by going for the ‘peekaboo’ fringe look made popular by 1940s actress Veronica Lake. Cascading waves are deeply parted to allow the hair to fall almost over one eye, allowing for a sexy, yet elegant look. Opt for looser waves if your wedding is a more casual affair. And curls, whether tight or loose, look great on any bride.

Taylor Schilling in Veronica Lake-inspired hair


The best of both worlds

By choosing a half-up style, you can keep some hair out of your face, but still have all eyes on your Rapunzel-length hair. You can braid the top part of the hair into a crown and let the rest hang loose in curls or waves. Or go for the highly requested style of curling all your hair and pinning the top half back, away from your face.  To keep it simple, leave your hair straight, copying the timelessly elegant style that Penelope Cruz showed off at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival.

If you’re among the lucky brides with long, luscious hair to show off this season, enjoy choosing among these numerous styles!

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