Say yes to hair extensions

Hair extensions are a popular trend these days amongst brides searching for a picture perfect wedding hairstyle. However, many brides don’t consider the extra prep and research that’s called for when committing to hair extensions.

Hair extensions: before and after


Creating your dream hair

After flipping through hairstyle magazines for months, you’ve finally chosen your wedding hair. You want to follow this season’s trend of leaving your hair down and wavy, like celebrity bride Kate Moss, but your hair barely touches your shoulders. For brides looking to add extra length, hair extensions can be just the answer. Most brides opt for permanent hair extensions, which are glued, woven or braided in by a professional and can last for months. They are also a great option for brides with naturally thin hair who want to add some extra volume; as well as those who have their eyes set on an up-do that requires longer, thicker locks to pull it off, like a thick ballerina bun. If you’ve decided hair extensions are for you, read on to prevent yourself from committing any rookie mistakes.

Use hair extensions to achieve this full bun


The dos

  1. Make sure that you choose high quality hair extensions. Multi-toned ones are more natural looking.
  2. Choose a salon that comes highly recommended and specialises in hair extensions.
  3. Go in for a prior consultation before deciding whether or not hair extensions are for you.
  4. Get your hair extensions applied a week before the wedding and schedule a trial.


The don’ts

  1. Don’t forget to consider your overall wedding look. Is it relaxed or elegant? Do the extensions complement it?
  2. Don’t experiment with new colours or over the top hairstyles for your big day.
  3. Don’t blunt cut your extensions. Make sure that you leave the trimming and layering to your stylist.

Hair extensions on your wedding day can help you look like you just stepped out of a photo shoot. Put in the extra time and energy they require and they can be a great investment for any bride.

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