The elegance of a ponytail

Most of us think of a ponytail as a casual hairstyle – a quick style to fix for your morning run or for lazing on the beach! But a couple of my clients have recently asked me to create their wedding hairdo based on a ponytail. One is even having hair extensions to get Cheryl Cole’s Cannes look.

You can't deny its elegance!

You can’t deny its elegance!

What I’ve found is that a chic ponytail can be the perfect complement for a stunning wedding dress and accessories.

Sleek or braided tails

The advantage of wearing a sleek pony for your big day is that you can glam it up with diamante or pearl clips to match your jewellery.  You can really rock a low-back, fitted wedding dress if you pull your hair back into a Kim Kardashian ponytail.

Kim Kardashian’s famous ponytail


Or you can choose a braid, like tennis star Novak Djokovic’s bride Jelena Ristic.  Her wavy, side ponytail looked gorgeous against her sweetheart neckline white dress. Another cool look is to sweep your hair up and back off the face, tying it in a high ponytail with thin satin ribbons in your wedding colours.  Classic elegance!


An edgy or retro look

So you want an edgier look? A loose ponytail will work, even if your hair is not very long. Make sure that you leave the front of your hair undone, with wispy bits framing your face. If you give your hair a little lift at the crown, this style will look great with a sparkling headband.

One of my regulars came to the salon last week with a sketch of how she wanted her wedding ponytail to look!  She was determined to keep her blunt-cut 1960s fringe and tie her hair tightly back. But I thought this might look a bit severe, so we agreed we would go for a wrap around ponytail with loose ringlets to complement the fringe. A cute retro look!

The everyday ponytail can become a versatile hairstyle for any blushing bride!

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