The best hairstyles for your bridesmaids

Choosing the best hairstyles for your bridesmaids used to be a relatively easy task! Their role was to maintain the overall look of the wedding party and the choice was either a ballerina bun or a sleek bob depending on hair length. These days, brides come into my salon looking for edgier styles for their attendants.  Anything goes, from boho waves to curly ponytails.

My advice?  Make sure that your bridesmaid’s hairdo suits her age, personality and dress. And don’t let her coiffure steal your thunder on the big day!

Their hairstyles should always complement yours.

Their hairstyles should always complement yours.

Harmonious hairstyles

If you just have one bridesmaid, perhaps your sister or best friend, then it’s easier to create a look which works for both of you. Remember how Pippa Middleton’s tumbling, loose curls perfectly matched the Duchess of Cambridge’s elegant, demi-chignon when she followed her sister down the aisle to wed Prince William?


If your sole bridesmaid is a teenager, a younger cousin or niece, then you can also find a hairstyle which suits her age and dress, but doesn’t clash or compete with your look. Depending on her hair length, a jaunty bob or a curly ponytail laced with delicate ribbons in your wedding colours will fit the bill!


Elegant updo’s for the girls

If you have three or more adult bridesmaids, your posse who must be there when you tie the knot, then choose a classy updo for all the girls! A high bun always looks elegant, is convenient to wear and suits every dress style. Remember your bridesmaids can use extensions if needed.

But what about a bun sitting low on the back of the head? You can be creative with this by braiding the bun or styling it so it leans closer to one ear than the other.  Mixing it up will look great in your wedding photos!

If you and your bridesmaids prefer a down-do, then a shiny straight mane offsets busy dresses or accessories, while cascading curls provide instant glamour.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought to help you decide on your bridesmaid’s hairstyle!

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