Wedding hairstyles for your tiara

A tiara has always been a popular headpiece with brides and not just royal ones! It can be a romantic add-on to your bridal look, but you need the right hairstyle to maximise the effect.

You don't have to be royalty to wear a tiara!

You don’t have to be royalty to wear a tiara!

My tip to clients who come to my salon is: to showcase a tiara, the hair must be styled to look elegant and not overdone. The Duchess of Cambridge got it right on her wedding day, choosing a demi-chignon to frame her Cartier diamond tiara.


Top knots or flowing curls

Tiaras generally work better if you have long hair – whether you pile it up in a classic top knot or leave it to cascade over your shoulders.

One option is to sleek all your hair back and make a French twist. This chic 1960s style is the perfect complement for an extravagant tiara. If you want a softer look, then choose an up-do which is less formal, with some pieces of hair left down and arranged carefully around the face.

Another bridal hairstyle with a tiara that is different and fun is a loose side ponytail or braid. If the tiara you plan to wear has a simple design, more like a sparkling headband, then leaving your hair down in flowing curls or waves is bang on trend.


Medium-length hairstyles

A tiara can look nice on medium-length hair as well.  Remember to keep the hair on top fairly straight with volume, while creating waves nearer the bottom. A middle parting works best with this style.

Fashion icons like Diana, Princess of Wales, have shown that you can also do justice to a tiara even with relatively short hair. The important thing is for the cut to have volume and movement. If you want something a bit edgier, then go for a fashionable pixie crop with a simple tiara adornment. You will definitely turn heads!

Princess Diana knew how to work the tiara with her short hair.

Getting your hair just right is an important aspect of your wedding day, so if you decide to wear a tiara, set aside plenty of time to try out different hairstyles.

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