The Fairytale Flawless Face of Bridal Beauty

Flawless skin and a flawless face don’t have to be a fairytale and advanced beauty treatments could make your wedding the most beautiful day yet.

Most of us are addicted to beauty products, goodies that plump, preen and pamper our skin everyday rescuing it from a range of crises. But on an occasion as special as your wedding you may want to look beyond what you can achieve at home.

Simple salon luxuries such as facials are now widely accepted as essentials for brides who want to look utterly flawless so it makes sense to consider more complex expert treatments for improved and longer lasting results.
When visiting a beauty salon today you can expect to see a wide range of treatments that provide far more than the usual facials and manicures. Cosmetic treatments such as microdermbrasion, skin resurfacing and skin peel facials sit in that medium level in-between products you may use at home and more extreme methods of cosmetic procedures.

In recent years these kinds of beauty treatments have grown in popularity among women from all walks of life because of the great results they offer without the time, expense or intrusive nature of cosmetic surgery.
Popular as these treatments may be it is important to do your research – none of us want to look in the mirror and see a close up of the disaster story results some celebrities have had. So here is a roundup of a few treatments that are available and how they could help you achieve the look of love on your big day, along with some ‘use at home’ suggestions if getting the salon service is definitely not an option.

Celeb Inspiration
As the bride you are the star of the big day so who better to look to for inspiration than those that make it their business to look brilliant at all times. Celebrities are ever demanding the highest standards and results from their beauty treatments, after all for many of them their popularity and often their careers depend on looking good. So when we are looking for a treatment or a product it is no surprise we look to the stars for inspiration.
Cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are favourite by many red carpet regulars, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham are all rumored to be fans of advanced types of beauty therapy services and why not when they give such great results.


Collagen Facials
If you are considering a course of facials before your big day, why not try a collagen facial? For some time now these have been one of the most popular salon facials particularly for the visible results, simplicity and minimal risk. Collagen facials have been favoured by beauty therapists for many years because of the quick response from the skin. The collagen used encourages the elasticity of the skin helping to keep it smooth, supple and firm, and boosting a more youthful look.

Down time: none
When to have done: Best results are from a course of 6-12 facials, have your last facial no closer than a week before your wedding day
Use at home alternatives: Elemis Pro-Collagen range from


A treatment that is as low risk as collagen facials, microdermabrasion is a form of advanced exfoliation that works by resurfacing the skin. A fine flow of microscopic crystals are directed onto the skins surface, the speed of the crystals movement together with their abrasiveness carefully removes old dead skin cells, layer by layer. The result is newer, smoother skin on show – think of it like facial polishing, at the same time the system removes dirt and build up from the skin and unclogs blocked pores.
Regular microdermabrasion is fantastic for resurfacing dull tired skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion facials can also help improve skin with pigmentation problems, uneven skin surface, aging skin, acne, stretch marks and scarring. After just one treatment you can notice a difference in skin tone, texture and general condition.

Down time: none

When to have done: Best results are from a course of 6-12 treatments, have your last treatment no closer than a week before your wedding day

Use at home alternatives: Magnitone (from £69.99 is a brush cleansing device that exfoliates the skin and gently resurfaces the skin through daily use.

From £69.99 available from

Magnitone Skincare Brush Cleansing System – from £69.99 available from


Herbal Skin Peels
If you want to take you facial treatment a step further without entering the realms of cosmetic surgery then a herbal skin peel may be an option. A herbal skin peel can be extremely intensive and in doing so can give you new skin in time for your big day. These treatments must be carried out by an experienced and trained professional because they remove the dull top layers of skin through a peeling process. The treatment actually strips away damaged, impure or prematurely aged skin and gives a more youthful appearance.

Herbal skin peels are based purely on a herbal plant formulation combined with active ingredients, rich vitamins, proteins and minerals. Many herbal skin peels claim to achieve results as good as those obtained with cosmetic surgery peels but herbal skin peels are not as harsh on the skin as acid peels.
Once the peel is done the skin can feel rather sensitive and uncomfortable but it should not feel painful. It is important to bear in mind that most herbal skin peels are an advanced treatment designed for intensive results and not a relaxing or soothing pampering session. After the treatment your skin will look very red for up to five days appearing rather like a case of bad sunburn. At around the third day your skin will start to peel revealing wonderfully soft and flawless skin underneath. The peeling process is not painful or uncomfortable but it is not particularly attractive so you may want to stay at home or keep a low profile on those days.

By the fifth day the peeling stage should be complete or almost over and you will need to revisit your skin care expert for a follow up facial, which on this occasion will be more relaxing. You can see excellent and very visible results after just one treatment but long lasting success is usually achieved through a course of herbal facial peels. It can take some time and planning to achieve the best from these treatments because you need to allow several weeks in-between each peel. Your skincare expert should be able to advise you on how many treatments you will require to achieve your optimum result. Once the course is complete most people can maintain their achieved results with regular microdermabrasion.

Down time: approx 4-6 days
When to have done: Best results are from a course of 1-3 treatments, have your last treatment no closer than 9 days before your wedding day
Use at home alternatives: none


Injectable Treatments
For instant results with the benefit of long lasting effects injectable treatments may be worth considering. If you are looking to smooth lines and wrinkles in time for your wedding and need treatments that involve minimal disruption then this may be a great option.

Injectables such as botox are administered through a series of small injections which effectively freeze the muscles resulting in a firmer look, smoothing out lines and wrinkles. When done well by an experienced and qualified cosmetic expert this can give fabulous results without leaving you expressionless. A consultation is vital if you are considering going for this treatment. The expert you see will determine the results you are looking for, where the treatment may be able to help and most importantly if it is suitable for you.
As a general guide it is best for combating crows feet (lines around the eyes), frown lines and forehead lines. Results can last several months and prices do vary.

Down time: Skin may be tender, sore and swollen for a few days
When to have done: Treatment usually requires around three to five days to take effect and it can take up to two weeks for the full effect to transpire. Have the treatment carried out at least two weeks before your big day.
Use at home alternatives: If you are not ready for or unkeen on injectable treatments then you can target lines and wrinkles at home with Liquilift (£90 from which promises both immediate and cumulative beauty benefits.

Liquilift £90 from

Liquilift £90 from



If you are looking for a temporary quick fix to smooth wrinkles with a more natural result then DivaDeva (£49.95 from is a must. Simply apply where required, allow to dry and within a few minutes skin looks smoother.

DivaDeva £49.95 from

DivaDeva £49.95 from


The Lip Treatment
For a plumper pout that will be perfect for all the kissing you’ll be doing on your wedding day you may want to think about dermal filler injections. The treatment makes lips fuller and defines the shape. In addition to this lips can look smoother and the lip border more defined helping to smooth fine lines around the lips. The filler is administered into the lips via a series of small injections and must be carried out by a qualified and experienced practitioner. A full consultation must be carried out beforehand during which your medical history and the shape and look your want for your lips should be discussed. You can also request an allergy test before having any treatment carried out.
These types of treatments last several months and prices vary depending how much lip plumping is required.

Down time: Skin may be tender, sore and swollen for a few days
When to have done: Have your treatment no closer than a week before your wedding day
Use at home alternatives: Get the bee stung lip look with DuWop Lip Venom £15 from

DuWop Lip Venom £15 from

DuWop Lip Venom £15 from


Top Safety Tips
1. Find a reliable, qualified, experienced and fully trained expert, preferably recommended by a friend or reputable source. For more advice visit
2. A professional good expert will offer you a free consultation and give you the chance to go away and think things over.
3. Always ask your expert for advice on which treatments are suitable and best for you considering your health history and find out about any possible reactions.
4. For some treatments it is essential to go through test procedures and trials before having the full treatment carried out.
5. Visit your expert well in advance of your wedding so you can plan together when is best for you to have the treatments done.

by Gina Akers, TV & Radio Presenter & TV Beauty Expert, considered the UK's most qualified beauty therapist

by Gina Akers, TV & Radio Presenter & TV Beauty Expert. Gina is considered the UK’s most qualified beauty therapist

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